Administration: User Management: Search/Add User

This change only affects users with System Administration permission who set up User Accounts.  Previously when you had a long list of users, you had to scroll through the User Search Results to find the “Add” Button. Now the “Add” button is always visible.


Modified the coCASA Export file to include Gender so that HPV can be properly assessed in CASA.


County View Users

County View Accounts (for Local Health Jurisdictions) now have access to the Vaccination Data Quality report for facilities in their county, similar to their access to CoCASA data.


Forecast Status Display

An “optional” status has been added to the Vaccination Forecast display:

  1. On the Vaccination Forecast / Status Column, “Optional” displays if the current date is between the Minimum Valid Date and the Recommended Date.
  2. The following definition was added:

Optional:  This vaccine may be administered today. Although the usual "recommended" date has not been met, the minimum valid date for this dose has been met.


Forecast: HPV

An accelerated schedule had incorrectly been applied to all girls over the age of 13.  Upon further research with CDC, we found that an accelerated schedule did not need to be used for girls > 13 years of age – that "catch up" was an "unfortunate use of jargon".  But CDC did say to apply the 12-week interval from dose 2 to dose 3 if the client was off schedule between doses 1 and 2 by more than a month.  The forecast now checks the HPV interval between doses 1 and 2 and if it is > 3 months then it forecasts dose 3 at 12 weeks from dose 2.  If it is < 3 months then dose 3 is forecast for 6 months from dose 1.

Forecast: MCV4

Changed forecasting to allow MCV4 for 2 – 10 year olds.

Forecast: Nasal Flu Spray

Added influenza nasal spray as valid for ages 2-5 years.


Forecast: Rotavirus

For Rotavirus, when Dose 1 is given later than 12 weeks of age that dose is invalid. However, ACIP guidelines recommend that the series be completed anyway. Thus, the forecast has been modified to show all shots as valid even if they are given after 12 weeks. The forecast will NOT recommend the first dose be administered after 12 weeks of age, however.

Reference: MMWR Vol. 55 RR12 08/2006
Pertinent section:
For infants in whom the first dose of rotavirus vaccine is inadvertently administered off label at age >=13 weeks, the rest of the rotavirus vaccination series should be completed as per the schedule because timing of the first dose should not affect the safety and efficacy of the second and third dose.


Password Expiration

Added a password expiration warning.

  1. Added logic to display the Change Password page after login if the password is within 1 week of expiring. 
  2. Added a skip button to the Change Password page so they can skip changing their password if they prefer.


Patient Demographics

Bug Fix: The Patient screen previously was allowing the patient to be saved with only a city or zip code.  This has been changed so that the full address or phone number is required.

Patient Demographics

System will now allow patient edits without address if the patient is inactive.

·         Modified the patient edit logic so that if the patient is inactive, the guardian and address information is not required.  Other required information, such as first name, last name and birth date will still be required.


Patient Demographics

·         Added a warning when leaving the patient edit page.Changed the Patient Demographics Edit page to prompt the user if they try to leave the page without saving it.

·         Added a requirement that the Gender field be completed in order to save a demographic edit.  Because the forecast for HPV is gender-specific, it is important to have this field completed.  The choices are: Male, Female, Unknown, and Other. Since Gender is a “public” field, once completed by any user, it will display for all users, and will not need to be completed everytime a new organization updates the record.


Patient Demographics

Added new race code of “unknown”


Patient Search

Added two new search options:  Mother’s Maiden Name and Guardian First Name/Birth Date.

  1. Simple Search Screen:

·         Modified the simple search screen to search by “Mother’s Maiden Name” if that is the only field entered.

·         Modified the simple search screen to search by “Guardian First Name and Birth Date” combination when those are the only fields entered.

  1. Advanced Search Screen:

·         Added “Mother’s Maiden Name” to the “Other Searches” section.

·         Added “Guardian First Name, Birth Date” to the “Other Searches” section of the Advanced Search screen.


Personal Settings: Anatomical/Injection Site Defaults

Modified anatomical site/route settings so that users can select a Route default without also selecting an anatomical site default.  This will be helpful for users who wish to manually enter the anatomical site each time they administer a vaccine, but also wish to have the route default, i.e., always appears as “intramuscular” or “subcutaneous”.


Personal Settings: Vaccine Default Volume


Added a new personal settings section to allow the user to specify default Volume by vaccine.

  1. Modified the vaccination add page to default the volume based on the user’s personal settings.


Added new value to Physician/Vaccinator Screen’s dropdown list for “Suffix”.  Added CMA for Certified Medical Assistant as a selection option.



Removed the ‘Parent/Guardian Of’ notation from the mailing labels if the patient is 19 years old or older.



On the Reminder/Recall output screen, the Do Not Increment parameter was displaying in the inverse (i.e., Yes displaying as No).  This has been fixed.


Added an option in Personal Settings under User Preferences (bottom of page) to allow users to default to the “Do Not Increment” option.



Added the ability to generate letters and the ability to specify Spanish versions of postcards and letters.

  1. Added customizable letter functionality.
    1. This should have the same features as the current customizable postcard functionality but should print and format to an 8 ½ x 11 page.  Key features are:

                                                               i.      Default text

                                                             ii.      Ability for end user to define and save text for future use (1 per user per language)

  1. Spanish postcards and letters
    1. Added a default postcard in Spanish (Note: Spanish text will be added in near future.  Meanwhile, users can create their own Spanish text.)
    2. Added the ability to save a language when defining customized postcards.  Each user will be able to save one postcard per language.  Supported languages will be Spanish and English.
    3. Added an option to the reminder / recall screen to print postcard / letter in patient’s preferred language.

                                                              i.      If this option is selected, both postcards and letters will return a mixture of Spanish and English based on the language setting on the patient demographic record.



If user opted to limit report by Physician, the limit did not work.  This is fixed.


If a dose number was entered for HPV, Reminder / Recall was still returning all HPV doses needed rather than the dose specified.  This has been fixed.

Reports: Patients: Patient Detail

Added a Facility column to the Patient Detail Report.


Reports: Quality: Patient Data Quality Report

The Patient Data Quality report was not applying the birth date range and was returning all patients even when the birth date range was entered.  This is fixed.  However, a new bug cropped up – multiple duplicates of one patient may appear on the report.

Reports: Quality: Vaccination Data Quality

Added birth date parameter to the Vaccination Data Quality Report.

  1. Added birth date range to parameter page of Vaccination Data Quality Report.
  2. Added birth date range to report criteria display section of report output.


Reports: Quality: Vaccination Data Quality Report

The column heading on the Vaccination Data Quality Report has been changed from “Error” to “Issue” to more accurately denote the contents of the report.

Reports: Site Information: Physician/Vaccinator Detail Report

Modified the Physician/Vaccination Detail Report to include an option for status.

  1. Added option to parameter page for Active, Inactive or All.
  2. Added to Report Criteria section


Settings: Forecast

Added a new field for each vaccine that allows the individual user to set a maximum age for each vaccine’s forecast.  This can be useful in order to prevent IPV from showing up in the forecast for adults.  At this point, we do not recommend using the feature.  After consultation with the DOH Immunization team, we will present recommendations for vaccinations where this maximum age is appropriate.


State Report: Vaccination Screening Questionnaire

Added a new report:  Vaccination Screening Questionnaire

  1. This questionnaire is based on the Screening Forms recommended by the Immunization Action Coalition which are found at: The child and adult questionnaires have been combined into one form for ease of use.  
  2. The report has two sections:
    1. Questionnaire with yes/no questions
    2. Consent section with signature line.
  3. The user may check off the answers to the questions and then print the form. Or the user may print out the form and have the patient or parent complete it manually.)
  4. The answers to the questions will NOT be saved in the Registry.
  5. Report parameter page has a field for consent message.
    1. A default consent message has been provided.
    2. This can be modified by each user. 
    3. Saves last message entered by user and displays the next time they use the report.
    4. Has button allowing user to return to the default message.
    5. The application will automatically substitute [Name] with the patient’s first, middle and last name when the report is printed.
  1. Consent message appears at the bottom on the report.
  2. A line is provided for parent/guardian signature at the bottom of the report


State Reports: Aggregate Contraindication Report

Created new report to aggregate types of contraindication by IRMS or by individual facility:

  1. The columns are: Vaccine, Contraindication type, Age Group (same age groups as the Vaccine Administered Report), Total by Line
  2. The final row will be a total by age group of all contraindications.


State Reports: Immunization Record Consent

Added a new report:  Immunization Record Consent

  1. Report has same format and layout as the Immunization Detail Record Report but limits the vaccinations returned to those administered on the current day only.
  2. Report parameter page has a field for consent message.
    1. A default consent message has been provided.
    2. This can be modified by each user. 
    3. Saves last message entered by user and displays the next time they use the report.
    4. Has button allowing user to return to the default message.
    5. The application will automatically substitute [Name] with the patient’s first, middle and last name when the report is printed.
  1. Consent message appears at the bottom on the report. 
  2. A line is provided for parent/guardian signature at the bottom of the report. 
  3. This report is not saved in the system, but is intended for hard copy print-out for those facilities wishing to use it.


Vaccination Deduplication Rules for Batch Data Entry

Expanded the time window for vaccination deduplication.

  1. The Registry can now determine the best window of time in which to consider two vaccinations duplicates if everything matches appropriately except the date.
  2. CHILD Profile staff will determine the best interval to consider in merging vaccinations – starting with two days and expanding up to 5 – 7 days.


Note:  This new logic applies only to batch-entered data.  For manual data entry, there is no change and the logic continues to check only for an exact date match.  This new logic will apply to deduplication of batch loads and any scenario where vaccinations are re-linked.


Vaccination Detail Screen and Patient Reports: Confidentiality Feature

Added the ability to mark vaccinations as confidential.

  1. Added new field to Vaccination Detail for Confidential Services (under Historical box).
  2. Modified the Vaccination View/Add page to display the footnote for confidential – the letter ‘C’.  This letter appears next to the Vaccination Date flagged as Confidential.
  3. Modified the Patient Record report parameter page and output to have an option for “Do not include confidential vaccines.”
  4. Modified Reminder/Recall to add a parameter for “Do Not Include Confidential Vaccines.” 

Note:  This will not be a field that can be imported via the DTT or HL7.

Note:  In Vaccination Deduplication, if any matching record is marked as Confidential, all records will be updated to confidential to ensure that the vaccination maintains its confidential status.


Vaccination Summary Page

Added the patient age (at time of vaccination) to the Vaccination Summary Screen.

The patient age will appear in the same table row and cell as the vaccination but on a separate line. The patient age will be shown in days, weeks, months or years.

Also, added the patient age at time of vaccination to the Immunization Record (Summary) under Patient Record.

We recommend that for optimal appearance and readability of this printed Report, select “Printable version.”


Vaccinations View/Add Screen

The indicator (#) was not showing up on the Vaccination View/Add screen when an adverse reaction was associated with the vaccination.  This is now fixed.


Vaccinations View/Add Screen

Improved scrolling capability on the Vaccination View/Add page.

1.       Modified the formatting on the Vaccination View/Add page to allow the vaccine names to stay in place and the dates to scroll independently. 


Vaccinations View/Add Screen: Compromised Vaccines

Compromised vaccinations have been and will continue to be indicated by yellow shading in the date field.  In addition, a symbol (^) has been added which will always appear on printouts and all pages that include the compromised vaccination. – Print Patient Record, Vaccination View/Add and Vaccination View/Add Print Page.  A notation has been added to the legend at the top of Vaccination View/Add to indicate the meaning of the indicator. 


Vaccinations ViewAdd screen: Valid Doses

In the past, unlicensed vaccines, including those given