The CHILD Profile Immunization Registry has a new look!


On Monday, December 12, 2005, when you log on to CHILD Profile, you will notice a new look to the left navigation menu.  The menu has been enhanced to allow individual users to collapse (shorten) the main categories in the menu list and expand on subcategories you want to display.  Though this change may take a little getting used to, we believe in the long run, you will find this helpful in avoiding the need to scroll through the growing list of menu items.   Another option has also been created to make it easy for you to locate your favorite items.  At the very top of the left navigation menu, you will see a category called “Favorites”.  You can select those menu items you use most frequently and they will appear on your “Favorites” list. For instructions on how to use the “Favorites” feature, please check the Announcements on our Home Page.  Use of this feature is completely optional.



Other changes to look for are listed below:





Administration: User Management: Search/Add User:

Added a button on the Create Web Users Screen to add a user as a vaccinator.  Clicking the Add User as Vaccinator button opens the Add Vaccinator screen with all the fields pre-populated so you don’t need to re-enter the information.


Administration: Vaccine Management: IRMS VIS Date Defaults

Added the ability to configure IRMS-level VIS Publication Date Defaults. This feature makes the newly configured VIS dates available to all users within an IRMS (medical organization) who don’t currently have any VIS Publication Date Defaults configured in their Personal Settings.



Added the history of chicken pox to the CASA export file.  CASA Users: Please call the Help Desk if you want to know more about this new feature as you will need to download a new CASA version to take advantage.  Meanwhile, you may  continue to use the STC iWeb 2.9 template in CASA.



A number of "Back" buttons were added throughout the application. The buttons will typically take the user to the search or menu screen for the module the user was working in.



Moved the CASA and Reminder Recall menu links below Settings on the navigation menu.


Patient Demographics Screen

Created a new “public” field for Allergies. Renamed the previous Allergies/Comments to Comments, which remains a “private” field viewable only by users within your organization.


Patient Search

Previously, the "wildcard" search for patients performed a "contains" search.  Now, it will respect the location of the % entered by the user, i.e. a search on CHA% will return CHASE but not MICHAEL.


Personal Settings: User Preferences: Vaccine List Sort Order

Added an option under Personal Settings to allow the user to control the order of the drop-down lot list that appears on Vaccination Add Detail Screen.  Under Personal Settings/User Preferences, “click to update,” then in the Vaccine List Sort Order field, choose one of these options:  Facility Group then Facility, Facility, Expiration Date, Manufacturer, and Lot Number.


Personal Settings: VIS Publication Date Default

The VIS Publication Dates on the Personal Settings page are now sorted alphabetically by the vaccination description.


Physician/Vaccinator Add Screen

When a physician or vaccinator is added, a message now confirms that the addition was successful.


Physician/Vaccinator Search

The Physician Search has been modified to do a "begins with" search rather than a "contains" search.


Lot Numbers: View/Add

Added ability for user to choose the sort order (manufacturer, vaccine, facility, lot number, expiration date) when searching for vaccine lot numbers.



Lot Number Summary Report


Added a column for the starting number of doses to the Lot Number Summary Report.



Patient Detail Report

Added an option to the Patient Detail Report to run the report and display only patient information, condensing the report by omitting the immunization history.


State Reports: Other: Washington State Vaccine Administered Report

Changed sort order of vaccines on the Vaccine Administered Report to alphabetical.

Reports: Patient Record

Added a message to all Patient Record Reports that: “This report provided by the CHILD Profile Immunization Registry System.”


Reports: Patient Record: All Recorded Vaccinations Report

All Recorded Vaccinations Report now shows:

-          Any PPD readings.

Vaccination Add Detail Screen

Added a warning if the user tries to leave the Vaccination Add Detail screen without saving.


Vaccination Detail Screen

Added feature to display the reason why a vaccine dose does not meet the ACIP guidelines and is marked as invalid on the Vaccination View/Add grid.  The "invalid dose" reason is displayed on the Vaccination Detail screen for that particular dose and on the Vaccination Summary screen.


Vaccination Summary Screen

Contraindications and deferrals are now displayed on the vaccination summary screen.


Vaccination View/Add

Immunizations that have been entered now appear on the Vaccination View/Add screen in alphabetical order at the top of the list, with the non-recorded vaccines below, also in alpha order.


Vaccination View/Add Screen

Added ability for users to decline taking ownership of a patient’s record at the time of entering or updating immunization record. See checkbox above the “Add Administered” button.


Vaccination View/Add: Contraindications

Modified Contraindications:  1) Changed "Parent report of disease" to "Parent/patient report of disease".  2) Added "Laboratory Evidence of Suppression" for Hepatitis A.  3) Added "Medical Contraindication-Immuno Suppression" for Yellow Fever.