Daily Smoke Management Approvals

Daily Smoke Management Approvals

for Large Burn Silvicultural Prescribed Fires

Fire Danger by County (for under 100 ton burns)

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Permit Region Land Owner Unit Legal Lat/Lon Acres Proposed Tons Accomplished Tons Approval Comments
NE20190106 NE20190106 NE REGION WA DEPT FISH AND WILDLIFE TROUT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10 T36N R37E S19 48.604397 -118.206121 112 790
SE20180181 SE20180181 SE REGION WA DEPT FISH AND WILDLIFE UB0301 UBO501 UBO502 T14N R15E S3 46.731978 -120.940449 60 916
SE20180028 SE20180028 SE REGION WDFW HUTINS T18N R16E S5 47.07867 -120.867158 70 788