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Hatchery Production & Performance

What we track

Chum Spawning Ground Survey on Chimacum Creek

Adult Information

Spawning Ground information collected
  • Number of fish spawning in rivers
  • Distribution of fish spawning in rivers
  • Age and size of returning fish
  • Number of hatchery fish on the spawning grounds
  • Genetic testing of some fish to track what the gene flow is from hatchery spawning fish to wild fish.
Harvest Information collected
  • Number of fish harvested
  • Where they were harvested (Alaska, British Columbia, Puget Sound, Ocean, Columbia River and tributaries)
  • Fishery (commercial, recreational, tribal) where they were harvested

Juvenile Information

  • Number of juveniles coming out of watersheds
  • Passage and survival through Columbia R. system
  • Genetic testing to determine parentage

Hatchery Information

  • Juveniles released
  • Survival/passage seaward
  • Adult return numbers
  • Juvenile release to adult survival
  • Age and size at return
  • Overall harvest contribution
  • Spawning ground contribution
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Tracking Hatchery Performance
SCoRE provides detailed information on each hatchery program and its progress in hatchery reform.