Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife FISHING RULE CHANGE
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May 7, 2010

Deep River hatchery spring chinook sport fishery reopens May 8

Action: Deep River (Wahkiakum County) re-opens to salmon and steelhead fishing.

Effective date: May 8, 2010.

Species affected: Hatchery salmon and hatchery steelhead.

Location: Deep River from mouth to town bridge

Reason for action: The Deep River fishery was closed temporarily to avoid handling of upriver spring chinook that had strayed into Deep River. At this point in the upriver run, the number of non-local chinook straying into Deep river is expected to be minimal, allowing for angling opportunity to resume on fish returning to the Deep River net pen sites

Other information: The rules listed in the new 2010-2011sportfishing rules pamphlet for Deep River will be in effect.