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January 30, 2008

Harvest closed for tagged wild Kokanee

Action: The harvest of wild kokanee (non-adipose fin clipped) tagged with an external red plastic spaghetti tag will be prohibited from Feb.1 through March 21 in Lake Roosevelt (Columbia River from Grand Coulee Dam to the U.S./Canadian border).

Effective dates: Feb. 1 through March 21, 2008.

Species affected: Kokanee Salmon

Location: Lake Roosevelt (Columbia River from Grand Coulee Dam to U.S./ Canadian border) including Hawk Creek downstream of the falls at the Hawk Creek Campground, San Poil Arm, Spokane Arm downstream of the SR 25 Bridge, and Kettle Arm downstream of Barstow Bridge.

Reason for action: Eastern Washington University fishery research biologists, in cooperation with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Spokane Tribe, and the Colville Confederated Tribes, are conducting a three-year biotelemetry study on habitat use and behavior of wild kokanee salmon in Lake Roosevelt. Prohibiting harvest of wild (non-adipose clipped) kokanee with special red colored spaghetti (floy) tags from Feb. 1 through March 21, 2008 will facilitate FDA compliance with regulations for fish that are anesthetized during capture and tagging activities scheduled during February.

Additional Information: Externally marked wild kokanee will have red colored plastic spaghetti like tag positioned adjacent to the dorsal fin. The tag will have an individual number on it to identify the fish and will also have the WDFW Spokane Region One office phone number on it (509-892-1001).

Information contact: Chris Donley, WDFW Fish Biologist (509) 892-1001, ext 307 Jason McLellan, WDFW Fish Biologist (509) 892-1001, ext. 303

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