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May 14, 2007

Twenty-fathom depth restriction for recreational bottomfish in Marine Areas 3 and 4

Action: Prohibit fishing, retention, or possession of any bottomfish or lingcod in Marine Areas 3 and 4, seaward of a line approximating the 20-fathom depth contour as described by the following coordinates:

1. 48 23.9' N.; 124 44.2 W.

2. 48 23.6' N.; 124 44.9 W.

3. 48 18.6' N.; 124 43.6 W.

4. 48 18.6' N.; 124 48.2 W.

5. 48 10.0' N.; 124 48.8 W.

6. 48 02.4''N.; 124 49.3 W.

7. 47 37.6' N.; 124 34.3 W.

8. 47 31.7' N.; 124 32.4' W.

Effective dates: 12:01 a.m. May 21 through Sept. 30, 2007, except on days halibut is open (Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays until quota is reached).

Species affected: All species of bottomfish and lingcod

Location: Marine Areas 3 (La Push) and 4 (Neah Bay)

Reason for action: Canary and yelloweye rockfish are two of eight overfished groundfish stocks that are managed under rebuilding plans by the Pacific Fishery Management Council. The Pacific Council has adopted harvest guidelines for canary rockfish for state recreational fisheries to ensure that rebuilding goals are achieved.

Depth restrictions adopted in 2006 were effective in avoiding early canary and yelloweye rockfish harvest guideline attainment. Based on the success of last year's management measures, the Pacific Council adopted the same management measures for 2007 that were in place for 2006. This rule conforms to federal action taken by PFMC.

Information contact: Heather Reed, (360) 249-1202

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