Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife FISHING RULE CHANGE
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January 29, 2007

Sunday added to weekly sturgeon retention season below Bonneville Dam

Action 1: Above Wauna power lines

White sturgeon retention will be allowed on Sundays in addition to the current weekly retention days of Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from February 1 through July 31 and from October 1 through December 31, 2007. Sturgeon may be caught and released, but not retained, Mondays through Wednesdays and during August and September.

Effective date: Feb. 1 through July 31 and Oct. 1 through Dec. 31.

Location: The Columbia River and tributaries from the Wauna power lines (near Cathlamet) upstream to Bonneville Dam.

Action 2: Below Wauna power lines

The spring-summer white sturgeon retention season below the Wauna power lines opens Saturday, May 12th.

Effective date: May 12, 2007.

Location: The Columbia River and tributaries from the Wauna power lines downstream to the mouth.

Species affected: White Sturgeon

Reason for action: 1) An additional 2,100 white sturgeon, remaining from the 2006 above the Wauna power lines harvest guideline, were added to the 2007 harvest guideline, providing for additional white sturgeon retention opportunity in this area. 2) The spring-summer season below the Wauna power lines is set to start the 2nd Saturday in May, which in 2007 is May 12.

Other information: White sturgeon retention on the Columbia River and tributaries below the Wauna power lines is currently open seven days per week through April 30, as per permanent regulations. May 1 through May 11, retention of white sturgeon is prohibited. The minimum size for this area, currently 42 inches, switches to 45 inches May 12. Retention of green sturgeon is prohibited in the Columbia River.

Information contact: (360) 696-6211. For latest information press *1010.

Fishers must have a current Washington fishing license, appropriate to the fishery. Check the WDFW "Fishing in Washington" rules