Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife FISHING RULE CHANGE
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March 23, 2006

Steelhead fishing closes March 31 on Upper Colulmbia mainstem and tributaries

Actions: 1. Close the Columbia River from Rocky Reach Dam to Chief Joseph Dam to fishing for trout (steelhead) 2. Close the Methow and Similkameen rivers to all fishing 3. Close the Okanogan River to fishing for trout (steelhead)

Effective dates: Closes one hour after sunset on Friday, March 31, 2006

Species affected: Trout (steelhead) and game fish

Location: Columbia River from Rocky Reach Dam upstream to Chief Joseph Dam Methow River from the Highway 97 bridge upstream to the confluence with the Chewuch River. Okanogan River from the mouth upstream Similkameen River from mouth to 400 feet below Enloe Dam.

Reason for action: The cumulative wild steelhead impacts (incidental hooking mortality) allowed under WDFWs NOAA ESA permit, are anticipated to be reached by this date.

Other information: The Methow River will re-open from County Rd. 1535 (Burma Road) Bridge to Weeman Bridge June 1, for game fish under catch-and-release and selective gear rules.

Okanogan River from the mouth upstream to the Highway Bridge at Malott, closes to trout but remains open for other game fish under statewide rule. The area upstream of the Highway Bridge at Malott is closed to all fishing, and will re-open June 1 to game fish other than trout.

Similkameen River from the mouth to 400 feet below Enloe Dam is closed to fishing for all game fish. The area above Enloe Dam will re-open June 1 for all game fish.

Please check the WDFW Fishing in Washington rules pamphlet for details on all permanent fishing seasons and regulations for the above waters and mainstem Columbia River.

Information contacts: Bob Jateff, District 6 Fish Biologist, (509) 826-7341, Joseph Miller, Region 2 Fish Program Manager, (509) 754-4624.

Fishers must have a current Washington fishing license, appropriate to the fishery. Check the WDFW "Fishing in Washington" rules pamphlet for details on fishing seasons and regulations. Fishing rules are subject to chan