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February 15, 2006

Skykomish River closes to fishing

Action: The Skykomish River will close to all fishing March 1, 2006. The closure effects the spring (March and April) catch-and-release season.

Effective date: March 1 through May 31, 2006

Species affected: Steelhead and all other game fish.

Location: Skykomish River from its mouth (near the Highway 522 Bridge) to the mouth of the Sultan River.

Reason for action: The forecast for Snohomish River system wild winter steelhead returning this winter (2005/2006) is 2,322; which is approximately 36 percent of the basins wild winter steelhead spawning escapement goal of 6,500. Due to the low run size forecast this year every effort is being taken to maximize the escapement of wild steelhead. The closure of the catch-and-release fishery will prevent incidental hooking mortality and disturbance of spawning fish.