Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife FISHING RULE CHANGE
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091

April 27, 2004

Recreational shrimp fishing closing in Elliott Bay

Action: Recreational shrimp fishing is closed, effective immediately, in Elliott Bay. All Marine Area 10 waters are now closed to shrimp fishing.

Effective date: Immediately.

Species affected: All shrimp.

Location: All Marine Area 10 waters east of a line from West Point to Alki Point.

Reason for action: The recreational spot shrimp share in Elliott Bay has been reached. Marine Area 10 waters outside of Elliott Bay closed last week.

Other information: Spot shrimp fishing in Hood Canal will open on May 15.

Information contact: Rich Childers, Point Whitney (360) 586-1498 ext 400; Mark O'Toole, La Conner Office, (360) 466-4345 ext. 241.