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March 10, 2004

Sport Clam season modified at Fort Flagler State Park

Action: The sport clam fishing season at Fort Flagler State Park, originally scheduled to open April 1 through May 15, is opened April 15, 2004 through June 15, 2004.

Effective date: April 15, 2004 through June 15, 2004.

Species affected: All clams, except razor clams.

Location: Fort Flagler State Park in Jefferson County, including that portion of the spit west of the Park boundary (Rat Island).

Reason for action: A shortened season was necessary in 2003 to compensate for overharvest of the sport share in 2002. No overharvest occurred in 2003, and surveys indicate an increase in the clam population, so a longer season is possible. A two-week shift in the opening date allows the beach to be open during "Free Fishing Weekend."

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