Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife FISHING RULE CHANGE
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December 21, 2012

Sand Island slough on the Columbia River east of Rooster Rock closed to angling

Action: Angling prohibited in the slough formed by Sand Island along the Oregon shore east of Rooster Rock State Park on the Columbia River.

Effective dates: Jan. 1 through Apr. 30, 2013

Species affected: All species.

Location: From a line between the upstream end of Sand Island (near Rooster Rock) on the Columbia River, to a marker on the Oregon shore, downstream to a line between the lower end of Sand Island and a marker on the Oregon shore.

Reason for action: Large aggregations of white sturgeon hold in the shallow slough east of Rooster Rock State Park between Sand Island and the Oregon shore during the winter/spring months. High harvests and snagging problems have prompted emergency closu