Before beginning the application process, please note the following:
    1. Browser specifications
      1. This system works with these browsers:
        • Chrome
        • Firefox
        • Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher, with Compatibility Mode turned OFF)
      2. Do not use your browser’s “Back” button. Use the system navigation buttons or data may be lost.
      3. Turn off the Pop-Up Blocker in your browser.
      4. Your browser’s “Print” function will let you keep these instructions handy while completing this filing.
    2. If you have an ACH debit block on your account, you must notify your financial institution. It may take your financial institution up to 2 days to remove the block from your account. Washington State Department of Financial Institutions' Company Identification Number is G911443137.
    3. Filing Process:
      • Provide your Charter Number.
      • Provide the total Assets Under Management (Discretionary & Non-Discretionary), in thousands.
      • Validate that your assessment fee and filing information are correct and pay your assessment fee. If the information is not correct, contact us at (360)902-8704.
      • Print and save your filing and payment receipt.
Encryption Site Encryption Notice: The Department of Financial Institutions uses a secure server for processing online transactions. Any transmitted data is encrypted as it is sent to or from your PC. This prevents it from being read by any unauthorized party while it is being sent over the Internet.