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A partnership for communication on developmental disabilities issues in Washington state
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Videos, Newsletters, Caregiver Alerts

Informing Families works to provide information individuals with developmental disabilities and their families need in different formats.  Here is a brief explanation of how we've organized content:

Informing Families (IFBT) Bulletins

Informing Families Bulletins are brief, one-pagers on specific topics of interest to families.  They are easy to print and to share with others. (Go to IFBT Bulletins)

IFBT Newsletters

By signing up for the Informing Families Building Trust listserv you can learn about new web content, upcoming events and other news right away. (Sign up for listserv)

IFBT Videos

Informing Families creates videos to share information and ideas for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families on a variety of topics.  (Go to IFBT videos)

Caregiver Alerts

The Developmental Disabilities Administration has created Caregiver Alerts to provide helpful information for caregivers (both paid and unpaid). (Go to Caregiver Alerts)

Internet Resources

Internet resources on a variety of topics for quick access to information across the web. (Go to Internet Resources)