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A partnership for communication on developmental disabilities issues in Washington state
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IFBT Videos

Informing Families videos are on topics that are of interest to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  The video series is hosted on YouTube but brief descriptions of the videos are presented on the IFBT website.  A brief summary of the video topics is listed below:

Navigating Your Way
This video is the first product developed by Informing Families Building Trust.  It provides information about the things families need to consider by the age of their family member with a developmental disability. (Go to Navigating Your Way Video Series)  

Information about Developmental Disabilities Administration's Services
This video series highlights a large number of the DDA services provided through Washington State's Developmental Disabilities Administration.  (Go to DDA Video Series)

Dealing with the Developmental Disabilities Administration
This page discusses how to deal with issues that you may have with understanding DDA's services, including Planned Action Notices, the DDA Assessment and more.  (Go to DDA Information page)

Medicaid Personal Care
While the Developmental Disabilities Administration can be a door to accessing Medicaid Personal Care, it is an entitlement program that you don't need to be a DDA client to access. (Go to Medicaid Personal Care page)

The Arc of Washington has produced a video series on Special Education that can be helpful for families who want more information about special education, referral, evaluation and IEPs.  (Go to Special Education page)

Free & Low Cost Services
This video series focuses on free and low-cost services that may be available to families. (Go to Free and Low Cost Services page)

This three part series focuses on guardianship, alternatives to guardianship and the importance of individual rights.  (Go to Guardianship page)

This series focuses on housing options for people with developmental disabilities. It features renting, homeownership and creative collaborations for finding housing that works. (Go to Housing page)

Life Opportunities Trust
The Life Opportunities Trust is a special needs trust that allows individuals with developmental disabilities or their families to set aside funds for future use without affecting their eligibility for government services and benefits.  (Go to the Life Opportunities Trust page)