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A partnership for communication on developmental disabilities issues in Washington state
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DDA Services

To receive services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration, an individual must:

  • Be determined eligible (having a condition that meets the Administration's developmental disability criteria); and,
  • Have an assessed need for services.

In addition, there needs to be available funding.

If an individual is determined eligible for services and there is no available funding, you will be put added to the No Paid Services (NPS) caseload. It is very important to ask to be placed on the appropriate wait list for services—either Individual and Family Services or a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver program.

Getting a determination of eligibility from DDA to become a DDA Client

To apply for a determination of DDA eligibility, you will find detailed instructions and the forms you need to complete an DDA Eligibility packet. The packet can be mailed to you or you can find all needed forms on the DDA website's eligibility page. If you call for an application, some information will be taken over the phone. Then the application and additional information and forms will be mailed to you for completion and/or signature. You will be asked to provide any available school or medical records or sources of information that will assist in determining eligibility. Copies of other documents may be required. Upon request, DDA staff can assist you with completing the application. Please be aware that eligibility cannot be determined until DDA receives your signed application and all of the necessary information.

Programs funded by the Developmental Disabilities Administration

Some programs funded by the Developmental Disabilities Administration include:

  • Home and Community Based Waiver Programs (HCBS)
  • Individual and Family Services Program (IFS)
  • Medicaid Personal Care (MPC)
  • Community Crisis Stabilization Services (CCSS)
  • Respite
  • Behavior Supports
  • Aggregate Services

Download a printable eligibility chart here.

Watch videos about DDA services here.