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You've reached the main page for the BLEA Defensive Tactics Scheduling System. This schedule is administered by Jeff Paynter at (206)835-7285. If you are having any technical problems using this scheduling system, please contact the WSCJTC Webmaster and your problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Basic Law Enforcement Academy Defensive Tactics Scheduling System
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Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 04-19-2013

Lots of new events just posted-690 and 691 IRS, Day Mocks and Open Skill Finals. With class 691, Open Skill Final Testing is moving to 0800-1200. Same test, different time due to changes in the overall BLEA schedule.

Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 04-10-2013

6 hours of BLEA curriculum work avaialble for Friday April 12th. $$$$#$

Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 04-09-2013

New Day Mock Scene event for April 16this up on the calendar. $$$$

Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 04-04-2013

There ia a final mock scene re-test up $$$$$$ for April 9th. good for one of you guys that lives close if you want to come in and make some money.

Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 04-01-2013

There is a new 2 hour training event out there for Class 690 on Friday 4/5, must be ICP certified to take it. Contact me w/ questions. Thanks, Jeff

Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 03-26-2013

Class 688 Closed Skill Testing and Night Mock Scene Testing are on the schedule for April. I need actors and monitors for these events.

Added by Jeff Paynter (Instructor) on 03-21-2013

Greetings BLEA DT users, be sure to take a look at the April calendar, we have two events set up for the first week of April. Also, Class 691 will be arriving at BLEA on Tuesday the 26th. I will be posting Day Mock Scenes, Night Mock Scene Testing Events and IRS Drill events for 691 early next week. In addition, I will be hosting a training event for new mock scene actors in the near future. If you know someone with a martial arts background who can work in the LE environment, please have them contact me at my office number 206-835-7282,cell phone 253-606-0474 or (best option) email jpaynter@cjtc.state.wa.us. Looking foward to training with you!

Added by on 06-24-2011

I have updated the BLEA DT calendar with Beat Mock days. These days are very low dt scenarios combined with another aspect of training (FI/Building Search...)

Added by on 03-29-2011

I am in the process of getting everyone their sign up and login. I should have it to you within a week or so. Gill.

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