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Animal Control Officer Academy, Course #2390
Course Description:


Representatives from both the WSCJTC and the Washington Animal Control Association (WACA) have worked together to provide a comprehensive class of instruction for the professional Animal Control Officer. 


The 80-hour Animal Control Officer Academy will include:

  • Traditional Law Enforcement Classes:
    • Communications
    • Criminal Law
    • Ethics
    • Radio Procedures
    • Search & Seizure
    • Court Structure & Terms
  • Animal Control and Care Classes: 
    • Capture & Restraint
    • Dog Bits & Vicious Dogs
    • Patrol Procedures
    • State & Local Laws
    • Blood Sports
    • Wildlife Identifications & Handling

 Course Requirements:

  • Mock scenarios
  • Final written exam 

Prerequisite:   Current employment with a Law Enforcement Agency


Dress Code & Identification: 

  • Uniforms, agency logo clothing or business casual attire is appropriate for classroom wear.
  • Visible Agency official ID is recommended (badges / agency IDs) while on campus


Cost:                $350  


Cancellation/No Show:


  • 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Monday thru Friday
  • Dates and Locations listed below


Application Form:

WSCJTC Application Form (Word)


WSCJTC Application Form (PDF) (The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the PDF version)

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