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Crime Scene Photography-Digital, Course #0230


Course Description:

This class has been updated from the old “Police Photography Basic” to the new class title, “Digital Crime Scene Photography (Basic)”. This is an intensive hands on photography class that teaches the student to learn to use the equipment that is being used by their department so that they will be competent with their equipment when they leave the class. The class starts at the basics of digital photography and moves into shooting crimes scenes, searches and large scenes at night. The course also is designed to teach students to photograph latent prints, Shoe and Tire Impressions, Alternate Light Sources (ALS) , Close up items and many other things related to Crime Scene Photography. The Course is designed for people with some or no knowledge of photography and forensic techniques. This course has one night shoot, and students are expected to shoot in all sorts of inclement weather as most exercises are outside.

Required Equipment (This list is the minimum requirement all Departments should have for photographing crime scenes—if unsure what an item is Google or contact the instructor):

  • DSLR CameraDigital, one that the lenses can be changed
  • External Flash—one that has a manual mode as well as auto and that is designed for your camera
  • Off camera flash cord—(from flash to camera) Minimum 2 ½ - 3 feet long
  • General purpose lens—(came with camera) should be between 18mm-55mm
  • Macro lens—(a lens capable of shooting 1:1 for latent prints) or a close up diopter, or a close up lens filter (the lens will be the most expensive and the lens close up filter will be the cheapest)
  • Sturdy Lateral Tripod with Head or Regular Sturdy Tripod with Pistol Grip Head (for photographing shoe & tracks)
  • Camera Charger
  • Remote Shutter Release or Shutter Release Cord (if cord-minimum 3’ long)
  • Camera and Flash Manual--(can be downloaded off of the internet)
  • A small 3-6 inch powerful push button flashlight (these will be attached to flash with Velcro in class)
  • Umbrella
  • Video Cord (attaches camera to TV—yellow on one side, probably came with camera)
  • “L” shaped ruler—12-16 inches long, “white” on one side “black” on the other or a grey ruler
  • 4 GB Camera Card or 2-2 GB cards
  • Extra flash batteries

Prerequisite: Working in a police or corrections agency with responsibilities that include photography.

Dress Code & Identification:

  • Uniforms, agency logo clothing or business casual attire is appropriate for classroom wear.
  • Visible Agency official ID is recommended (badges / agency IDs) while on campusv

Cost:               $50


Cancellation/No Show:



  • 8:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Monday-Friday
  • Dates and Locations listed below

***Is this class full or not available???? Please complete the Course Interest Survey. Please Note: This is not a waiting list.  You will not be contacted by WSCJTC unless there is enough interest to generate a class being scheduled.  At that time we will contact everyone that has shown interest so that applications can be submitted.

Application Form:

WSCJTC Application Form (Word)

WSCJTC Application Form (PDF)

(The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the PDF version)

Submit Applications to:

Valerie Jenkins, Registrar

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fax: 206.835.7926