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October 9-12, 2018   ≈≈≈   Kennewick, WA


This conference is held to bring public safety professionals (LE, Corrections, Fire/EMS), behavioral health, resources, consumers, and more together to learn skills, ideas, and information on responding more effectively as a Crisis Intervention Team to individuals in behavioral health crisis or with a substance use disorder. It includes keynote presentations like the one highlighted, tracks of training, awards banquet with silent auction for NAMI Tri-Cities, and much more.


October 9-12, 2018


Where: Three Rivers Convention Center |


7016 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States

Agenda: Full Schedule- 08.29.18.

Conference Registration: *OPEN* Click Here

  • General Admission : $250
  • King County Agencies: Fee Waived
  • Presenter: $100

    Registration Includes:

  • Conference Attendance
  • Breakfast and Lunches
  • Awards Dinner Banquet (2nd Day)
  • Keynote Speaker – Dr. Bryant Marks
  • Silent Auction fundraiser for NAMI Tri-Cities
  • Certificate Course
  • CEU Credit (as applicable)
  • CIT International Membership (Fall 2018-Fall 2019)

  • Certificate Training Courses:>(select one option during registration process) This training is included with conference and runs from Noon on October 11 thru the morning of October 12.

    1. CIT Corrections In-Service 8-HR
    2. CIT Statewide In-Service 8-HR (meets WA RCW 43.101.427 requirement)
    3. CIT Force Options 8-HR
    4. Mental Health First Aid for Youth 8-HR
    5. Trauma Informed Criminal Justice Responses 4-HR/De-escalation for Law Enforcement 4-HR
    6. De-escalation for Law Enforcement 4-HR/Trauma Informed Criminal Justice Responses 4-HR

    Award Categories: **CLOSED**
    2018 CIT Coordinator of the Year

    • 2018 CIT Mental Health Practitioner of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Corrections Officer/Program of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Community Resource of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Non-Commissioned Staff of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Agency Executive of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Fire/EMS - First Responder of the Year
    • 2018 CIT Instructor / Trainer of the Year

    Keynote: Implicit Bias and Cultural Competence for Crisis Intervention Teams


    Dr. Bryant T. Marks, Sr.


    Dr. Bryant T. Marks, Sr. is a minister, researcher, trainer, and award-winning educator. His personal and professional mission is to develop the knowledge, wisdom, and skills of others that will allow them to reach their full potential and live their lives with purpose and passion. Dr. Marks is the Founder and Chief Training Officer of the National Training Institute on Race and Equity and he is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Morehouse College. He served on President Obama’s Board of Advisors with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and as senior advisor with the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


    His Presentation Will Include:

    • Overview of implicit bias research and key findings
    • Innovative, engaging, and motivational delivery of content
    • Highly interactive and introspective exercises
    • Small group dialogue of sensitive topics related to working with males of color as a case study
    • The use of compelling videos, images, and other media
    • Overview of national, industry-specific data disaggregated by race and gender
    • A discussion of implicit bias from the target’s perspective
    • Anonymous audience polling and display of results in real-time. Responses are used as a basis for discussing sensitive topics and to allow participants to see how their attitudes or experiences compare to others.


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    October 09 -12, 2018 Three Rivers Convention Center
    7016 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick
    WA 99336
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