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If you are interested in this training for your department and or for your region, please contact the WSCJTC contact below. You can take a step further and have your regional EVOC instructors trained as simulator trainers so that you will be able to sustain the training in your area on an annual basis.

Law enforcement officers are subjected to daily hazards, which require critical driving, and difficult decision-making skills. Your department’s ability to provide proper training is key to the safety of your law enforcement officers and your community as a whole. Traditional classroom training approaches, which focus solely on vehicle control and do not fully engage trainees, fall short. In order to improve decision-making skills, drivers must be exposed to dangerous situations, become familiar with potential risks and threats, and have the opportunity to practice appropriate responses. This kind of learning environment is difficult to stage.


WSCJTC has two mobile (Burien and Spokane) Driving Training Simulator to provide hands-on, experiential, realistic, state-of-the-art training for your law enforcement officers, with no risks to people or equipment. The Driving Simulator allows you to expose your drivers to various dangerous, foreseeable scenarios in a controlled environment, record their reactions and response times, and discuss possible improvements. This training approach will improve critical driving skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and increase the safety of your staff and community.

WSCJTC Driving Simulator provides:

  • An experiential training approach that promotes a higher transfer of learning and increased retention.
  • An opportunity to standardize your curriculum to ensure consistent, quality training.
  • Adjustable, gradual skill development to improve defensive driving and decision making skills.
  • Customizable scenarios designed to address learning objectives relevant to your department.
  • Challenging situations that target skill development and increase the trainee’s situational awareness, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills.
  • Continual reinforcement of curriculum and key training areas by providing the ability for your students to practice and rehearse
  • responses to dangerous situations in a safe, controlled environment.
  • An after-action review feature that allows for feedback and reinforcement, which increases the speed and effectiveness of behavior change.


Driving Simulator Video on YouTube

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