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October 2016

"The Woman Who is Restoring Order to Law" (2016, Oct 13)


September 2016

"The Empathetic Police Academy" (2016, August) UPSTANDERS

August 2016

"King 5 Investigation: Shift in Training Philosophy"(2016, August) King5.wmv download

"Caught on Camera: Race and Justice" (2016, August) .wmv download

July 2016

"How The Recent Attacks On Officers Are Affecting Police Training" (2016, July 20)  NPR

"Radio Interview with Sue Rahr" (2016, July 15) KOMO Radio

Seattle Leadership Panel "Searching for Solutions"(2016, July 13) Kiro7

Seattle Leadership Panel "Searching for Solutions"(2016, July 13) Kiro 7 - Facebook

"After tragedy, hopeful signs in rebuilding the public's trust of police", Rahr, Sue (2016, July 16) Seattle Times

March 2016

Seattle University/CJTC Pilot Study:  CIT/Guardian Training Evaluation; Final Report (2015, June 30)

December 2015

"I Got Drunk with the Law (And the Law Won)." (2015, Dec 8) Davis Law Group, PS

September 2015

"New firearms training aims at better protecting police amid rise in officer killings." (2015, Sept 11) Washington's Most Wanted

"Race and Justice forum strikes a chord locally." (2015, Sept 11) Yakima Herald

June 2015

“Recruits Learn that Weapons Come in Many Forms” (2015, June 15) King5

May 2015

“It’s Not Easy Convincing Family You Want to Be A Cop” (2015, May 6) KUOW.ORG

“Washington’s Police Academy Shuns “Warrior” Attitude (2015, May 7) KUOW.ORG

“Retired Police Commander: It’s all in the Training” (2015, May 18) Chicago Tribune

“Demilitarizing the Cops: Police Training Retooled” (2015, May 23) Associated Press

"Cops, Community and Confrontation" (podcast) (2015, May 31) The Social Network Show

April 2015

“Can Sue Rahr Reinvent Policing?” (2015, April 28) Crosscut

March 2015

“Warriors to Guardians” (2015, March 12) KCTS9

“Procedural Justice: Training” (Podcast) (2015, March 18) COPS Office

January 2015

“Police Academy Returns to Spokane after Seven Year Absence” (2015, January 8) KXLY

August 2014

"Transforming Police Culture in Washington State" (2014, August) Reuters

"From Warriors to Guardians - Returning American Police Culture to Democratic Ideals (2014, August 26) Seattle Times

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