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Current Train the Trainer Courses

Field Training Officer Academy (FTO), Course #0681

This 40 hour course presents the FTO model (sometimes called the San Jose Model program) to field trainers engaged in training those who have recently completed the BLEA, Corrections or Equivalency academies.  This program can be adapted for telecommunicators and others, but the materials used in this class will be law enforcement and corrections personnel related.

Cost: $75

Police Training Officer (PTO-Reno/COPS Model), Course 5601

This highly interactive course presents the PTO model (sometimes called the Reno or COPS model) to field trainers engaged in training those who have recently completed the BLEA or Equivalency Academy. This program can be adapted for corrections, but the materials used in this class will be law enforcement related. It begins with an introduction to problem based learning, which underlies the PTO program.

Note: This curriculum includes approximately 4 hours of pre-class work followed by 40 hours of classroom training. Students successfully completing this course will be credited with 44 hours of training on their WSCJTC record. This courses updates and replaces Course #5600 – students who have completed Course #5600 are eligible to take this class.

Cost: $75

Instructor Development, Course #2001

This 40 hour class teaches the basic skills necessary to prepare and present knowledge and psychomotor based training in a classroom environment. This class is best suited for students who have less than two years in course delivery and no formal training in instructional techniques, but is open to those of all skill levels. A high level of student participation is required. During the week, the student will develop and deliver three separate presentations on job-related topics. A non-expiring certificate is issued for successfully passing the class.

Cost: $75

Instructor Development II – Online, Course #2004

The new ID-II is a hybrid course consisting of 24 hours of distance learning/independent work over six weeks, followed by two days in the classroom. The pre-classroom work will entail spending 24 hours reading, studying, researching, and completing five assignments while still at your work-place. The participants will then meet at the locations noted for the two-day classroom portion.

Approximately seven weeks before the classroom portion, you’ll receive your independent work assignments and instructions on how to complete this portion of the class. The independent work should take about four hours per week and includes frequent interaction with your instructors via e-mail. If you are taking this course on your department’s time, it is imperative your agency commits to allowing you the time to complete the pre-classroom assignments each week.

This course is designed for experienced instructors to expand upon their knowledge and skills. Students will be immersed in student-centered facilitation. This is NOT a basic skills class; presentation skills and experience in lesson planning and facilitating are necessary preconditions to succeed in this class.

Cost: $50