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Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy, Course #0090

This course is 80 hours in length, completed over a 2-week period at the Burien campus of the WSCJTC. The Basic Equivalency process represents an alternative challenge to the regular Academy program, and is available to previously certified officers upon the request of the respective agency head.  Typically, an equivalency applicant is an officer who must re-certify due to a substantial break in law enforcement employment (60 months or more), or an officer who has attained basic law enforcement certification through successful completion of another state's training academy program.

A Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency certificate places the recipient in the same stead as if he/she had successfully completed the regular academy program.  Such certification requires the fulfillment of certain prerequisites and successful completion of the 80-hour Equivalency Academy consisting of written examinations, practical exercises and orientation training. Please view the WAC 139-05-210 (in PDF format).

CJTC Equivalency Reciprocity Summary 01-12-17.pdf New

Equivalency Academy Schedule (PDF) Updated 01.27.17

Prerequisite: This course is designed for Law Enforcement personnel only.
Cost: The Training Commission assumes responsibility for all direct training costs for mandatory attendees. Academy students whose home agency is in excess of forty (40) miles, as computed by the Commission, from the Criminal Justice Training Center are considered non-commuting attendees. These students are therefore eligible to receive full meal service and lodging as provided by the WSCJTC, as outlined in RCW 43.101.200 (2).
To Register or for Questions: Contact: Amy Mosley, Registrar (Basic Training Division)
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 206.835.7299
Address: Criminal Justice Training Commission
19010 1st Ave. South  
Burien, WA 98148
Front Desk: 206.835.7300
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Equivalency Registration Packet

Effective 04.08.2016 Form CJ-1261 "REQUEST FOR MEDICAL EVALUATION" is no longer necessary for Equivalency applicants.


The following forms must be submitted before the registration packet will be considered complete:

Basic Equivalency Academy Application CJ-1260 (

Student Liability Release Form CJ-1253 (PDF)

Firearms Proficiency Test Form CJ-1262 (PDF)

Basic Training Academy Certificate (copy)

Basic First Aid, CPR & AED (copy)

(If training is needed prior to academy session; please click this link to locate classes near you:

The following forms are NOT part of the BLEA packet and must be submitted via email to:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Session Session
PT Test
Tac/Asst. Tac Start & End Date Location Status/Cost/Downloads
EQUIV 84 (Session # revised 12.29.16) Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy, Course #0090-4 3/20/2017 PAT not required Russ Hicks April 17 -28, 2017 WSCJTC
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien WA 98148
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