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PS/PI/BBRA Firearms Certification Applications and Forms


Forms lasted updated 5/10/2013. Please Note: Only current forms will be accepted.  

Forms are in Microsoft Word and/or PDF format, use whichever works best for you. 

Always make sure you have the most current forms from this page. 



PS/PI/BBRA Firearms Certification Applications, Forms and Documents   


Guidelines for 8-HR Certification


Armed Certification Study Guide (rev. 3/2011)


Certification Application Form 726 (PDF) (rev. 5/2013)


Form 721 Adding/Changing Firearms and/or Agency Update Application (rev. 5/2013) 


Form 728 Shotgun Qualification Form (Word) (PDF) (rev. 1/2010)


Form 729 Handgun Qualification Form (WORD) (PDF) (rev. 4/2012)


Form 730 Rifle Qualification Form (Word) (PDF) (rev. 1/2010)


Form 730A Rifle Qualification Form (Word) (PDF) (rev. 1/2010)


Form 731 Firearms Certification Written Test Form (WORD) (PDF) (rev. 4/2012)   



Instructor Forms    


Instructor Update Form (rev. 07/01/2010)


Attendee Roster Form 727 for Firearms Certifications (rev. 07/2007)



2320 & 2322 Firearms Instructor Initial & Recert Class Shooting Forms    


file icon doc PS Handgun Instructor Qualification 2014