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Private Security Firearms Instructors Page

How to become a Private Security Certified Firearms Instructor

Private Security Certified Firearms Instructors (PS) are made up of a cadre of individuals that currently work for security companies and/or law enforcement agencies. To become an instructor, individuals must meet the mission and values of the WSCJTC and uphold the rules set forth in WAC 139-37. Instructors that are unable to meet these program policies and WAC 139-37 will be removed from the instructor cadre.

PS Certified Firearms Instructors follow a set curriculum created by the WSCJTC and any instructor not following the Firearms Certificate Training Process can be reported to WSCJTC at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

PS Instructor Program Policies 2014

Individuals are welcome to apply to become a PS Certified Firearms Instructor if they are currently working for a security or enforcement agency, currently working for a firearms training company, or other entity firearms instructor (e.g. NRA, Oregon DPSST, Idaho POST).

Class Schedules Current PS Certified Handgun Instructor Class Schedule
Current PS Rifle Instructor Class Schedule
Current PS Shotgun Instructor Class Schedule

The links above include certification and recertification classes using the same link for the specific firearms type.


Blended Security Instructor/Law Enforcement Classes: Please check back if no classes are scheduled at this time.

Current Private Security Firearms Instructors Only

Does your agency use or is looking to use off-duty law enforcement for Private Security company work? If so, read the Off-Duty Private Security Agency Work In Washington (and Sworn Officer Flow Chart 7/2013) for information regarding rules.


Program Reminders:


  • Completed qualification test forms are to be given to the students or their agencies.
  • Do not mail in student forms to the WSCJTC.
  • ALL training attendance rosters are to be submitted to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it immediately after completion of firearms certificate training.
  • Licensees – All guards, investigators, and bail bond recovery agents that hold current firearms certificates with their armed licenses must recertify on all firearms they use in the course of their duties annually prior to license expiration.



Class Forms

2320 & 2322 Firearms Instructor Initial & Recert Class Shooting Forms

2323 & 2321 Shotgun Instructor Initial & Recert Class Shooting Forms

2324 & 2325 Rifle Instructor Initial & Recert Class Shooting Forms

Form 727 Instructor Roster for the 8 hour and 4 hour Firearms Certificate Training: 
(Please do not mix 4 & 8 hour classes on one roster!)

Form 727 Instructor Roster

Firearms Certificate Program Complaint Form
Firearms Certificate Instructor Complaint (Form PS03)

Brief Adjudicative Proceeding
Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Request Info (Form 720A)

Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Request (Form 720)

Links for Firearms Instructors (Materials & Training)
For Instructors: Qualification targets can be obtained in the full and half size from the following companies:

Action Targets: This company stocks the standard, half, and quarter size targets to accommodate your range environment if you do not see the product you want in the online catalog, call them and they will produce the target for you.

WA State Dept. of Printing General Store: Create new user account, an assortment of targets can be found under the Criminal Justice Training Commission agency link in the store.


Additional Resources:

Washington State Patrol’s Criminal History Unit provides the following training:

RAP Sheet Training

Livescan Operations-Fingerprint Training

Ink Fingerprint Training

CrossMatch LiveScan Operations-Fingerprint Training

Washington State Department of Licensing / Phone: 360-664-6611





Revised June 2018