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In 2009, the Corrections Division proposed a new procedure for equivalency testing in adult and juvenile corrections academies to the Washington State Criminal Justice Board of Correctional Training Standards and Education. This process resulted in a standardized equivalency certification for all corrections academies corresponding to WAC 139-10-215 Basic corrections academy equivalency certification. This process was implemented in December 2009Equivalency candidates that meet WAC 139-10-215 are required to take an Equivalency Core Examination. Candidates who pass the Equivalency Core Examination will receive certification and those who fail are then required to attend the full academy.


What are candidates tested on?

Testing includes:

  • Mock Scene Testing - Mentally Ill Inmate, Suicidal/Depressed Inmate, Cell Search
  • Defensive Tactics - Level One Techniques and Combative Handcuffing
  • Practical Skills Testing - PAT Frisk Search, Use of Restraints- application of handcuffs, waist and ankle chains
  • Written Examination - Mid-Term and Final Exam

How is this process different from before?

Historically, equivalency candidates attended part of their relevant academy; i.e.  adult/Juvenile Corrections Officer Academy (COA/JCOA) and received all training and tested with session students while attending an abbreviated academy. For the COA (Adult) this was a two week equivalency course.


Who is eligible for equivalency status?

Only applicants that meet WAC 139-10-215 Section (2) are eligible.


Where do applicants take the Equivalency Core Examination?

The applicant testing is completed in an 8-12 hour block at the WSCJTC by the Corrections staff.


How does the applicant get the materials needed to study for the Corrections Equivalency Testing?

Corrections staff will mail materials to the agency after all application forms have been received and approved.


What is the employing agency’s role?

An agency sponsoring a student in the Corrections Equivalency Program should assist and support their equivalency candidate in preparing for the Equivalency Core Examination. Agencies are required to provide a training/testing partner during the Defensive Tactics and Restraint portions of the program.


What is the step-by-step process?

  1. To apply for equivalency, the candidate’s agency must submit an application, Statement of Fitness Form, and a letter with necessary proof of training and work experience, per WAC 139-10-215.
  2. Equivalency study material is sent to the agency for the candidate to review and prepare for examination.
  3. Corrections Staff will work with the agency to schedule a minimum of 8 hours for testing. The candidate’s agency provides a Defensive Tactics training and testing partner.
  4. Conduct Testing. If the candidate passes the Equivalency Testing, a certificate, performance summary, and completion letter will be issued.
  5. Conduct testing. If the candidate fails the Equivalency Testing, they will be required to pass the corresponding Corrections Officers Academy (COA) or the Juvenile Corrections Officers Academy (JCOA). The agency needs to submit an application for the next available appropriate academy.


Prerequisite: *Applicable only to former Dept. Of Corrections employees* Candidate has to successfully pass the COA/JCOA Physical Ability Testing if they graduated from the DOC Correctional Worker Core after April 2008, as part of the Equivalency process.


Corrections Division Academy Application.doc

Corrections Division Academy Application.pdf


Statement of Fitness Form: CO Equiv Statement of Fitness.pdf / JCO Equiv Statement of Fitness.pdf


Submit Application: Nichol Harb, Registrar - Fax: 206.835.7922 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


DATES to be announced soon!