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Corrections Academy Schedule FY 2017 PDF
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Course Information

Per WAC 139-10-215, equivalency applicants are required to take the 40-hour Corrections Officers Equivalency Academy. Applicants that pass will receive a certificate of completion. Applicants who do not pass will be required to attend 160-hour Corrections Officers Academy.

The core areas of instruction include: Professionalism, Communication, Behavior Management, Legal Issues, Security Management, Use of Force, and Control Tactics. Testing will include: Mock Scene Testing - Mentally Ill Inmate, Suicidal/Depressed Inmate, Cell Search; Control/Defensive Tactics - Level One Techniques and Combative Handcuffing; Practical Skills Testing - PAT/Frisk Search, Use of Restraints; and Final Written Exam.

Effective July 1, 2014 WSCJTC was mandated by legislature to bill a 25% cost-share to our stakeholders for each academy student. The cost-per-student varies based on total program cost. A memorandum (PDF) explaining the cost-share implementation was distributed via email on March 30, 2014. Private Contractors & Tribal Agencies will be billed the full-cost of Academy services.

Physical Ability Test (PAT) Information - (Under review as of 4/6/17)

The WSCJTC requires applicants to pass a Physical Ability Test (PAT) prior to entry into the academy. The PAT is conducted prior to the start of the Academy. All academy recruits must be physically able to actively and fully participate in the defensive tactics and other required physical activities in accordance with WAC 139-10-212. Failure to demonstrate a requisite level of fitness within the overall assessment will result in ineligibility for academy attendance. The Statement of Fitness Form needs to be completed six (6) months prior to attending an Academy and submitted prior to the PAT.

PAT Uniform:

Navy blue gym shorts (bottom hem can be no more than 3" above the knee) and/or sweatpants, white crew neck t-shirt, white socks and cross-training/running shoes. Apply 2” black block-style lettering with the student's last name across the front chest and between the shoulder blades. Navy blue sweatshirt (OPTIONAL); Apply 2" white block-style lettering with the student's last name across the front chest and between the shoulder blades.

Westside PAT:
All Physical Ability Testing (PAT) will now be held at our Burien Campus starting at 10:00am.

Application Information

Effective 05/01/2016, a new and simplified WSCJTC Statement of Fitness (Form CJ-1251) for enrollment in all Basic Training Academies is being rolled out. This is a universal form that will allow agencies to select the appropriate academy from a drop-down box. We are also excited to announce the introduction of digital signatures (e-signature). For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process, a “how-to guide” will be linked below. Another big change to this form, is that we will no longer require the Statement of Fitness to be signed by a health care professional. There is now an “Agency Administrator” affidavit that must be signed by an agency representative in authority and an “Applicant” affidavit that must be signed by the recruit. These signatures will serve as notice to the WSCJTC that neither the agency or applicant are aware of any physical challenges that would prevent the recruits’ successful completion of the Physical Ability Test (PAT) or Basic Training Academy.

Application Packet: Included with the forms listed below, a certificate of completion from an accepted Corrections Officer Academy (in or out of state), Letter of qualification along with any applicable training records (supporting the qualifications).  Please state the recruit's separation date from their prior employer/agency and include a copy of a current Basic First Aid/CPR card.

Application Forms:

Basic Academy Application Form CJ-1250 (PDF)
Basic Academy Statement of Fitness Form CJ-1251 (PDF)
Corrections Notice of Hire Form CJ-2100 (Word)

Additional Forms:
Corrections Notice of Separation Form CJ-2101 (Word)


Contact Basic Training Registrar at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Revised 4/7/2017