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Reserve Law Enforcement Academy, Course #0080
Are you interested in becoming a Reserve Officer? Contact your local Sheriff's Office or Police Department and ask for their Reserve Coordinator. Keep in mind that the Commission is usually not made aware of Reserve Academies until after their selection process has occurred. 


This class is a minimum of 249 hours in length. The Reserve Academy curriculum adopted by the Commission is designed similar to that of the Basic Academy, including student performance objectives for each instructional block. It is designed to provide reserves with the basic knowledge and skills required for safe, proper and effective law enforcement service. Instructional blocks include: Criminal Law and Procedure, Communications Skills, Crisis Intervention, Defensive Tactics, Patrol Procedures, Criminal Investigations, Evidence Law, Firearms, including range qualifications, EVOC, Use of Force, Ethics, Civil Liability and First Aid. Basic training requirements can be found under WAC 139-05-810.


Graduates of those Academies which have been approved by the Commission and who, upon academy completion, pass a certification examination developed and administered by the Commission, will receive the state's basic reserve officers certificate. Such certification satisfies the basic training requirements for reserve officers under the Washington Aid Peace Powers Act, RCW 10.93.090.


“Reserve Officers” are included under the definition “specially commissioned Washington peace officer” under RCW 10.93.020(5) and includes any law enforcement officer who does not serve as a law enforcement officer of this state on a full-time basis, but who when called into active service, is fully commissioned on the same basis as full-time officers to enforce the criminal laws of this state.


RCW 10.93.090 explains: A specially commissioned Washington peace officer who has successfully completed a course of basic training prescribed or approved for such officers by the Washington state criminal justice training commission may exercise any authority which the special commission vests in the officer, throughout the territorial bounds of the state, outside of the officer's primary territorial jurisdiction under the following circumstances:(1) The officer is in fresh pursuit, as defined in RCW 10.93.120; or(2) The officer is acting pursuant to mutual law enforcement assistance agreement between the primary commissioning agency and the agency with primary territorial jurisdiction.


Academy Coordinators: 

The 2012-2013 Basic Reserve Academy curriculum is complete. If you are planning to begin an academy anytime between September 2012 and June 2013, please contact BLEA Administrative Assistant Sacheie Coaxum at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to receive a copy of the curriculum.

Outdated forms will not be accepted for future academies.


***Required  Forms ***

Form 1271 - Request for Reserve Academy Recognition


Form 1270 - Reserve Academy Application

Form 1252 - Criminal Records Check


Form 1272 - Request for Certificates

Form 1273 - Termination Form


Prerequisite:   Any person attending the academy must be sponsored by a law enforcement agency.
Application Form: Because this is not a "self-sponsored" course, the Commission does not accept applications from individual applicants.

Sacheie Coaxum 206-835-7299/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cost: See Status/Registration column next to the course you wish to take.


Not to be used in lieu of a certified Washington peace officer.



Question: There isn't a Reserve Academy available in my area this year. Is there anything preventing a reserve from working prior to receiving training?

 Answer: According to WAC 139-05-810(2) …every individual who is commissioned as a specially commissioned reserve peace officer in this state will obtain a basic reserve certificate as a precondition of the exercise of authority pursuant to such act…

Question: Is there an Equivalency process to become a Reserve Officer?
Answer: Yes, please review  WAC 139-05-825. The sponsoring agency must contact the Training Commission to make application to request recognition of the equivalent reserve officer.

Question: Can Reserves be compensated?
Answer: Some agencies do compensate reserve officers for the time they serve. Reserves are considered “at will” employees or “paid volunteers” and as such they are not entitled to certain benefits or retirement systems such as LEOFF II. Agencies have employed persons with reserve commissions, but compensated then as city or county employees in another capacity.

Question: Can I work as a reserve officer for more than one agency?
Answer: First, check with your primary agency to see if they will allow this. If they do, you may work for another agency only if they too have met the requirements of RCW 43.101.080(19) and have notified the Commission.

Question: How long does my Reserve certificate stay current?
Answer: Once you have been recognized as a Reserve officer, your certificate stays current unless you have a break or interruption in service as a reserve for more than twelve months. Keep in mind, a break in service of (a) more than twelve but less than twenty-four months must successfully complete the requirements of RCW 43.101.080(19) and the comprehensive reserve final test proctored by the commission; (b) more than twenty-four but less than thirty-six months must successfully pass the psychological and polygraph tests, complete the criminal history and background check, and successfully pass the comprehensive reserve final test proctored by the commission; (c) more than thirty-six months break in service requires the person to attend the basic reserve law enforcement academy.

Question: Do I have to be a US Citizen to be a Reserve Officer?
Answer: Please contact the agency you would like to be a reserve officer for, as this question relates to the hiring process.


This class is:Sponsored
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Session Session
Start & End Date Location Status/Cost/Downloads
0080-4 Fife Police Dept. Reserve Academy Jan 02 -May 17, 2014 3737 Pacific Hwy E

Fife WA
Open  / None  

Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6PM until 10PM and on Saturdays from 8AM until 5PM; To register contact at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or 253-377-2089
0080-7 Clark County Sheriff's Office Reserve Academy Jan 07 -Jun 26, 2014 505 NW 179th St

Ridgefield WA 98642
Open  / None  

TO REGISTER CONTACT: Sgt. Tim Bieber; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 360-397-2276
0080-8 Tri City Reserve Law Enforcement Academy Jan 07 -Jun 18, 2014 Columbia Basin College
2600 N 20th Ave
Pasco WA 99301
Open  / None  

TO REGISTER CONTACT: Sheriff Richard Lathim; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 509-545-3565
0080-9 Kittitas County Sheriff's Office Jan 07 -May 08, 2014 Kittitas County Sheriff's Office
307 Umptanum Rd
Ellensburg WA 98926
Open  / None  

TO REGISTER CONTACT: Sgt. Steve Panattoni;