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The Law Enforcement Digest is prepared by Ms. Shelley Williams of the Washington State Attorney General's Office as a service to criminal justice practitioners. Each month Ms. Williams select court cases she feels that are significant to the law enforcement community.

Law Enforcement Digest Issues (LED) 2009-Current:

All LEDs are posted as soon as they become available. The LED is available for download only.  The WSCJTC does not print or mail these documents.

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Archived LEDs (1992-2008) are available.

LED Subject Matter Index & Legislative Updates.
All Subject Matter Indexes and Legislative Updates are posted as soon as they are available.  Please note that files older than 1992 are not available.

2016 Subject Matter Index 
2015 Subject Matter Index (rev. 3/2016)

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1993 - 1989 Subject Matter Index

Special Topics

Law Enforcement Legal Update Outline: Cases on  arrest, search, seizure, and other topical areas of interest to law enforcement officers; plus a chronology of independent grounds rulings under Article I, Section 7 of the Washington Constitution. 
By John R. Wasberg (Retired Senior Counsel, Office of the Washington State Attorney General)

This article will be updated at least once each year. It was last updated effective July 1, 2016.