CIT – Annual Crisis Intervention Refresher, 2 HR, Online – Statewide

Unsupported Browsers for CIT Online Training [Mon, 1/7/2019] -
The Acadis Learning Portal, and its training, works best when using the Chrome browser. Internet Explorer and Micorsoft Edge are both unsupported and will most likely result in online training not being recorded or the online training crashing.

FAQ for the Annual Crisis Intervention Refresher:

When is the CIT Annual 2hr Online course mandate due?

It is due by the last day of each calendar year. Dec 31st.


How do I get help?

The Help Desk is available M – F, 0800-1700. | Email – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

“New” LMS Portal Link: - Go here to take the course.



I didn’t report my passing score before it went offline, can I still do that?

That is not necessary.  We checked the data and updated all the passing results.  If you feel your results are in error, please email the Help Desk.

Can I get a report or find out who in my agency took the course?

Yes.  We are adding those permissions to agency training officers.  Please email the Help Desk to get yours.

Can I get a copy of my certificate?

Log into the portal and you will be able to email and/or print your certificate.

What was that RCW again?

This course is to ensure compliance with RCW 43.101.427 which requires that all full-time, general authority peace officers must receive at least two (2) hours of refresher training each calendar year.

Additional Updates:

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