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Stakeholders, State Agencies, or Federal Law Enforcement agencies wishing to advertise a Non Sponsored or Non Hosted training class can send a PDF flyer to Leanna Bidinger at for approval and posting.


DISCLAIMER: for Non Sponsored or Not Hosted “The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission has not evaluated the content or presentation of this course.  The listing is offered merely as a convenience to our stakeholders and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by WSCJTC”.

Date Class Location
May 2016 Sandy Hook School Shooting - Lessons Learned Renton
Jun 2016 School Resource Officers - Basic Course Yakima
Jun 2016 School Resource Officers Supervisors & Management Course Yakima
Refer to class details School Safety Officer Academy Course #6216
Jan 2016 SECTOR TRAINING Various WA locations
Jun 2016 Sergeant's Academy Kennewick
Oct 2016 Sheriff's Civil Function-Advanced, Course #0611
May 2016 Sheriff's Civil Function-Basic, Course #0610
Oct 2016 Smarter Policing in Changing Times Newman Lake, WA
Sep 2016 Sniper Advanced, Course #0537 Yakima
May 2016 Sniper Basic, Course #0531 Yakima
Sep 2016 Snipercraft Advanced Skills & Tactics Richland
Refer to class details Solutions for Law Enforcement Supervisors Burien
Refer to class details Solutions to Problem Employees Burien
Sep 2016 Staged Crime Scene Investigations Newman Lake, WA
Refer to class details Strangulation & Stalking Burien
Sep 2016 Strategic Advantage for Law Enforcement Newman Lake, WA
Sep 2016 Strategic Communication Training Newman Lake, WA
Dec 2016 Street Crimes Seminar Arlington
May 2016 Street Crimes Seminar Newman Lake, WA
Refer to class details Student Substance Abuse: Deterrence and Steps to Detection #6218
Refer to class details Student Threat Assessment Team Training #6211
Refer to class details Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigations (SUIDI)#6007
Mar 2016 Suicide by Cop Lacey
May 2016 Supervising - Managing Internal Affairs Redmond
Dec 2016 Supervisor Leadership Institute Issaquah
May 2016 Surveillance Techniques, Course #0228 Burien
Jul 2016 SWAT Advanced, Course #0511 Richland
Aug 2016 SWAT Basic Newman Lake, WA
Refer to class details SWAT Basic, Course #0510 Richland
Dec 2016 SWAT Team Leader Newman Lake, WA
Jul 2016 SWAT-Advanced, Course #0511