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Telecommunicator IV- Survival Communications, Course #0738

Telecommunicator IV: Survival Communications is for all telecommunicators giving them invaluable training in interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and other helpful topics.  Students receive a copy of People Styles at Work by Robert Bolton and Dorothy G. Bolton in class.


Telecommunicator IV is a 24 hour course with no post-course test. There is a pre-course survey that is emailed to the students. Students will fill out the survey and bring copies to class. No certificate is given for Telecommunicator IV. This class does appear on your WSCJTC student transcript. 

Topics covered in Telecommunicator IV:

  • Framework for Personal Effectiveness – Taking Responsibility for Your Choices
  • Achieving personal empowerment through accountability
  • Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace
  • Path from Pessimism to Optimism
  • How Negativity Travels and How to Stop It
  • Proactive Approaches for Positive Results
  • How to Assess and Correct Organizational Negativity
  • Understanding and working with different behavioral styles for better workplace communications
  • Finding your own style
  • Understanding the behavioral styles of others
  • Finding common ground
  • Tools for more effective workplace communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Models to examine
  • Putting conflict resolution into practice


There are no pre-requisites for this course. 

Persons with T1 and T2 certifications will be given selection preference in order to assist them in meeting their continuing education requirements.

Who can attend our classes?

  • Public safety telecommunicators employed at a recognized PSAP in the State of Washington.
  • Employees from other call centers, government agencies or security departments will not be accepted.



  • None



  • 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Dates and locations listed below.


Cancelation Policy:

  • Notification to our office is required two (2) weeks before the start of class
  • Student no shows or cancellations less than two (2) weeks before class are billed $125.
  • Materials may be required to be returned to our office.


There is no post-course exam for this class.



Priority of Acceptance

If submitting more than one application, mark each one in the order you’d like them accepted.



Application Form

CJTC Telecom Application (WORD)

CJTC Telecom Application (PDF)



Submit Applications, Course, Program

or Policy Questions

Gayle Pond, Administrative Assistant
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T4 Student Guide - PDF

T4 Student Guide - PDF