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Current Firearms Courses
Firearms Handgun Instructor Level 1, Course #2011

This 80-hour course is directed toward law enforcement personnel who have a desire to become firearms instructors. It is intended to develop the necessary instructor competencies required to provide safe and effective firearms training. During this course participants will focus exclusively and intensely on the handgun while they work to develop instructor competencies. This course will also be recognized as a Handgun Instructor Course. As an instructor course it is expected that participants will have above average handgun manipulation and marksmanship ability. Participants should expect to invest time outside of class preparing lesson plans, presentations and range drills.

Cost: $750


Firearms Handgun Instructor Level 2, Course #2018

The 40 hour Level II Instructor Course is a vital supplement to the 80 hour Level I Course. While the Level I course focuses on core competencies necessary to instruct others in safe gun handling, handgun manipulation and marksmanship, the Level II course focuses on diagnosing shooter deficiencies. The Level II course provides the current firearms instructor with the much needed tools to identify shooter deficiencies, whether it be trigger control, sighting issues or physical issue surrounding the proper use of the weapon.  The course provides solutions once the firearms instructor identifies the deficiencies.

During this course instructors are given the opportunity to diagnose deficiencies with shooters from the local area.

Cost: $500


Firearms Patrol Rifle Instructor, Course #2014

This Patrol Rifle Instructor course is designed for the officer who already exhibits above average rifle shooting/manipulation skills and will give him the knowledge and techniques to better transfer those skills to other officers. This course is NOT an advanced rifle operators course NOR is it a remedial rifle training course for officers with poor rifle skills.

Cost: $500


Firearms Instructor Recertification- Handgun, Course #2015

This course will provide the current firearms instructor with the contemporary techniques and theories. In addition this course will provide a review of federal and state laws and contemporary legal standards relating to the use of deadly force.

Cost: $300


Firearms Instructor Recertification- Patrol Rifle, Course #2024

This course will provide the current rifle instructor with the contemporary techniques and theories.

Cost: $200


Firearms Instructor Recertification- Shotgun, Course #2028

This course will provide the current shotgun instructor with the contemporary techniques and theories.

Cost: $300

This class is 40 hours in length.This course will give current firearm’s instructors the knowledge and skills of shotgun operation in both Lethal and Less-Lethal applications.  This course is not ammunition specific, but rather, familiarizes officers with the variety of lethal ammunition options, less-lethal munitions options, and tactics currently used during LE operations. Applicants who fail the prerequisite entry range skills test will be removed from the class on the morning of the first day and charged the full course tuition fee. Graduates will be able to teach safe-handling, manipulations, and firing of the shotgun.

Cost: $500

Handgun Red Dot Sight Instructor -#2031  NEW COURSE

This is a 16 hour course. The course is designed to bring current firearms instructors up to date on the fundamentals of teaching and integrating handgun Red Dot Sights (RDS) into their training curriculum or agency program.

Due to the advancing technology of the RDS the trend for duty use is increasing at a rapid pace.  To meet this challenge and stay relevant with emerging tools and tactics we will cover the technology, concepts, principles and training methodologies to prepare instructors to teach the RDS platform to experienced or novice shooters.
Cost: $200

Sniper Basic and Advanced Training now offered by SNIPERCRAFTNW – NON SPONSORED Effective 2019

This course is no longer sponsored by WSCJTC.  Please go to the link above for additional course information.
Questions, please contract Program Manager Doug Tangen, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Cost: $800

SWAT- Advanced, Course #0511

The Advanced Course is directed toward the officers currently assigned to a specialized SWAT or emergency response team. This course focuses on the enhancement of basic skills and the development of competencies necessary to conduct specialized missions such as hostage rescues, vehicle assaults and high risk warrant services which are not presented in the Basic SWAT Course. In additional this course will provide training and experience in developing both Operational Plans (Pre-Mission) and After Actions Reports (Post-Mission).

Cost: $600


SWAT- Basic, Course #0510

This class is 65 hours in length.  Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to: Function as part of an entry team or containment team on special, high-risk assignments.  Understand tactics, individual and team movements.

Cost: $600

Master SIRT Instructor #2012

This 16-hour Master SIRT Instructor Course is directed toward law enforcement Master Firearms and Defensive Tactics personnel. It is intended to develop the necessary instructor competencies required to provide safe and effective firearms SIRT training.
Cost: $200

WSCJTC VirTra Operators Course #2026

This 16-hour course is is directed towards Agencies who want to use the VirTra Judgmental Use of Force & De-Escalation Scenario Training Simulators as part of their program or who assist with Firearms Instruction.
Cost: $200

Firearms Master Instructor Recertification #2119 - NEW COURSE

This 16 hour course is for Individuals who provide Advanced Firearms Training for the WSCJTC and have a Master Firearms Instructor Certification.

Cost: $200