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About LEOSA and who can apply:

LEOSA and the Military:

Application Process, Costs and Cancellations:


Range Questions:

Now that I have my LEOSA Certification:

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Darcy Kirley, Program Assistant

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About LEOSA and Who Can Apply:

How long is the certification good for?

One year from date of issue. To renew, you must send in an application along with your renewal fee.

Is this certification good in all 50 states?


What criteria does a retired/separated law enforcement officer need to meet in order to apply for LEOSA?

1. Must have been retired or separated in good standing from service with a public agency as a law enforcement officer, for reasons other than mental inability.

2. Prior to the separation was authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or incarceration of any person for any violation of law, and had the statutory powers of arrest

3. Before the separation was employed as a law enforcement officer for aggregate of 10 years or more service. OR,

4. Was separated from the agency due to a service-connected disability, as determined by such agency. Provided, that any applicable probation period had been completed prior to the separation.

5. Is not under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating or hallucinatory drug or substance.

6. Is not prohibited by Federal law from possessing a firearm.

7. Is not prohibited by State law from possessing a firearm.

8. Possess a photographic identification issued by the law enforcement agency for which the individual has retired or separated.

Can my former employer certify me under LEOSA?
Yes, if they choose to participate, law enforcement employers are allowed to certify their former officers under LEOSA and must comply with all provisions. There is no requirement for law enforcement agencies to issue any permit or certificate. They are not authorized to certify former officers from other agencies.

I was a military police officer or Department of Defense police officer, am I eligible for LEOSA?

Yes, as long as you meet LEOSA certification requirements. If you apply we need a copy of your DD214 and a military photo identification card or other proof that you had arrest/apprehension powers as part of your job. You must have a minimum of 10 years service as a an MP or police officer.

I am a retired corrections officer that was licensed to carry a firearm on-duty, is there any kind of waiver so I don’t have to qualify at the range to get my LEOSA certificate?

No, the statute applies to commissioned law enforcement officers and military police.

Can the WSCJTC refuse to issue a LEOSA firearms certification to me? Why?
The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission reserves the right to refuse to issue a Firearms Certification to any applicant who does not meet LEOSA requirements, demonstrates unsafe gun handling or fails to achieve a passing score after two attempts.

If my peace officer license/certification was revoked, suspended or denied; am I still eligible for a LEOSA Certification?

I live in another state half the year but have a home in Washington State. Do I need to apply for LEOSA through the other state or in Washington?
Your primary residence must be Washington and you must possess a Washington State driver’s license or ID card in order to be LEOSA certified in Washington State. If your license or ID card is through another state you must apply for LEOSA certification there.

My ex-spouse got a Washington State personal protection order against me for a domestic violence incident. Am I still eligible to carry under LEOSA?

No. If you are subject to a court order from any state that restrains you from harassing, stalking or threatening someone you are ineligible.

LEOSA and the Military:

I have retired/separated from the Military Police in the U.S. Armed Forces; can my former Unit issue me a LEOSA certificate?


I am retired/separated from the Military Police in the U.S. Armed Forces; is there a cost reduction of any kind for armed service members?


Application Process, Costs and Cancellations:

Why is the fee $100 for new applicants at the WSCJTC?

The fee is to cover processing, range, and instructor fees. You must prepay the fee before you will be scheduled to qualify at the range. Send in the fee with your application.

I have more than one handgun I want to qualify with, does this cost extra?


I see an off-campus date listed in the schedule is it the same cost?

No, off-campus locations typically charge less; it is $50 for new applicants, $25 for renewals. If available, off-campus locations are listed in the schedule. Like on-campus qualifications you must send in an application and meet the same criteria.

When do I have to pay the fee?

You must send in your fee along with your application. Payment must be received before you will be scheduled to shoot at the range. Checks must be made payable to the WSCJTC. Cash and Money Orders are accepted, credit cards are not. If you show up at the range with your fee it cannot be accepted or processed and you will not be allowed to participate. Please send it in with your application.

What happens after I send you my application?

Once your completed application and fee have been received you will receive an email confirming that you are enrolled in the qualification date at the range that you chose from the schedule.

I signed up to qualify and now I won’t be able to make it, can I cancel my application?

Yes. Please give us as much notice as possible. We schedule range personnel in advance and they need to know how many people are coming to qualify. We are happy to move your application into another date from the schedule. No extra fee is required for re-scheduling.

What is the application deadline for the range dates on your schedule?

There is no cut-off date to apply as long as we receive your application and fee in advance of the day of the qualification so we can schedule you.

I want to apply for LEOSA certification; can I just show up at the range with my application?

No, you must apply in advance and prepay the fee in order to be scheduled for the range. If you show up without having applied or prepaid the fee you will not be allowed to participate.

When will I receive my certificate and ID card?

After completing and passing the range qualification and submitting your payment you will be issued a certificate which you need to carry until your ID card arrives in the mail. It can take up to 30 days to receive the ID card.

Will I receive a notice that my LEOSA certification is about to expire?

No, tracking your expiration date and scheduling a range date to renew is your responsibility.


I need to renew my LEOSA card, what do I do?

You need to send in an application along with the required fee and indicate which date on the schedule that you want to come qualify at the range. Your passport photo and agency ID are already on file. Bring your handgun(s) and ammo to the range. You will be issued a certificate until your ID card is made and sent to you in the mail (it usually arrives within 30 days). Please remember to prepay for your LEOSA renewal so you can be scheduled for the range. Anyone who shows up to shoot without having sent in an application and paid the fee will not be allowed to participate.

I am up for renewal but can’t make it to one of the scheduled LEOSA qualifications before I expire. What now?

If your LEOSA card is expired, you cannot carry a firearm. You must renew and re-qualify in order to legally carry a firearm under LEOSA.

Do I have to come to the WSCJTC Range in order to qualify for LEOSA Certification?

No. If there is not a scheduled date that you want to attend, you can call your local police department or sheriff’s office and ask about LEOSA certifications or contact a WSCJTC Private Security Certified Firearms Instructor using the file icon pdf PS Certified Firearms Instructor Directory - As of Oct 2015

Range Questions:

Who conducts the LEOSA qualification at the range?

The qualifications done at the WSCJTC Range are proctored by a law enforcement firearms instructor that has successfully completed a WSCJTC Handgun Instructor Level 1 class (2011), or a WSCJTC Handgun Instructor Update (2015) within the past three years. Qualifications done at an off-campus range are done by a WSCJTC Private Security Certified Firearms Instructor pursuant to WAC 139-37 and are currently active instructors with the WSCJTC.

How long does it take to qualify?

Our time schedule at the range is in one 2 hour block. You must complete the course within that time frame. You must achieve a passing score with each weapon you intend to carry under LEOSA. Each weapon will be listed on your LEOSA ID card.

What if I fail the qualification?

You can retest at any of the dates on the schedule. You are given two attempts to pass. If you fail both attempts you will need to re-apply to LEOSA and pay the application fee again.

What do I need to bring to the range?

  • Bring your handgun(s)
  • A belt or paddle holster (shoulder holsters are NOT allowed at the range)
  • Ammunition (qualification requires 25 rounds)
  • Eye and Hearing Pro