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PS/PI/BBRA Firearms Certification Applications and Forms


Forms lasted updated 5/10/2013. Please Note: Only current forms will be accepted.  

Forms are in Microsoft Word and/or PDF format, use whichever works best for you. 

Always make sure you have the most current forms from this page. 



PS/PI/BBRA Firearms Certification Applications, Forms and Documents   


Guidelines for 8-HR Certification


Armed Certification Study Guide (rev. 3/2011)


Certification Application Form 726 (PDF) (rev. 5/2013)


Form 721 Adding/Changing Firearms and/or Agency Update Application (rev. 5/2013) 


Form 728 Shotgun Qualification Form (Word) (PDF) (rev. 1/2010)


Form 729 Handgun Qualification Form (WORD) (PDF) (rev. 4/2012)


Form 730 Rifle Qualification Form (Word) (PDF) (rev. 1/2010)


Form 730A Rifle Qualification Form (Word) (PDF) (rev. 1/2010)


Form 731 Firearms Certification Written Test Form (WORD) (PDF) (rev. 4/2012)   



Instructor Forms    


Instructor Update Form (rev. 07/01/2010)


Attendee Roster Form 727 for Firearms Certifications (rev. 07/2007)



2320 & 2322 Firearms Instructor Initial & Recert Class Shooting Forms    


file icon doc PS Handgun Instructor Qualification 2014


PSPD Firearms Skill (rev. 2011)


CJTC 729 Form (Initial guard qualification test all instructors must pass) (Word) (PDF) (rev. 4/2012)    


2323 & 2321 Shotgun Instructor Initial & Recert Class Shooting Forms   


See class posting for manipulative skills test and qualification.

2324 & 2325 Rifle Instructor