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The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission will be holding a series of meetings in July
for any professionals in the Private Security, Private Investigation or Bail Bonds field.

We will be presenting information about program updates, course forms, legislative updates, and a Q&A portion.

The Department of Licensing will also be in attendance and doing a presentation on their updates as well.

There will be a total of 4 meetings across Washington.

Lunch will be provided.

The dates are as follows:

July 19, 2018 from 10 AM to 3 PM in Vancouver, WA at Northwest Enforcement (Portland, OR)

July 20, 2018 from 10 AM to 3 PM in Burien, WA at WSCJTC

July 24, 2018 from 10 AM to 3 PM in Burlington, WA at the Skagit Shooting Range

July 27, 2018 from 10 AM to 3 PM in Spokane, WA at the Sharp Shooting Range

Please click this link to RSVP for yourself and other members of your agency/organization.

If you RSVP and will no longer be able to attend, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Welcome to the WSCJTC Private Security (PS) / Private Investigator (PI) / Bail Bond Recovery Agent (BBRA) Firearms Certificate Program. You must have a Firearms Certificate in order to obtain an Armed License from the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). The WSCJTC is mandated to issue firearms certificates per RCW and WAC.


All firearms used while working are owned or leased by the company you work for. No Firearms Certificates are issued to individuals who are not employed by a PS/PI/or BBRA company. If you are a sole proprietor, DBA a private investigator or bail bond recovery agent, or a security company principal, you can complete and sign the Firearms Certificate application packet(s) for your company.

Firearms Certificates are not for personal carry and are not concealed pistol licenses (CPL).

How to get your Firearms Certificate:

1. Apply at Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) for your Armed License.
  • Armed Licenses will not be completed without a Firearms Certificate from the WSCJTC on file. Visit the DOL for licensing information using the “List of Licenses” tab on their website.
2. Once you have applied for your Armed License through the DOL, you must attend an 8-hour Firearms Certificate training class using one of our Certified PS Firearms Instructors.
3. Contact an instructor on this list that is closest to your area and set up a date with them to take the 8-hour training course
  • Complete the written test
  • Complete your firearm qualification for every firearm you carry while working including long arms, if applicable.
  • Instructors charge their own fees for the training and testing. All the forms and test Study Guide are in the Applications & Forms section below.
4. Your company must complete an application packet and send it to the WSCJTC for your Firearms Certificate with the $100 fee. Please send in a check or money order with your completed packet by mail. Only send an application packet after you have completed the 8-hour training, passed the written test, and firearm qualification  (Application forms are available below). The tests are good for 6 months.

5. Once your application is processed your company will receive your Firearms Certificate by email. The DOL accesses our Firearms Certificates database and they will check that database before issuing the armed license.


If you are a Fully Commissioned Law Enforcement Officer and would like to apply for your firearms certificate, please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Firearms Certificate be used by more than one company?

No. If you work for more than one company, you will need a Firearms Certificate for each company. Firearms Certificates cannot be shared between companies, because firearms used while working are owned or leased by the company you work for per RCW. (To read more about this requirement please click on the RCW links: RCW 18.170.050 2 and RCW 18.165.060 2).

I have Firearms Certificate already and want to add a weapon to my record. How do I do this?

Complete and send in an Add/Change Form (Form 721) along with a copy of your most recent qualification on this new weapon. There is no fee for adding a weapon. We will add the new weapon to your existing record in our database. The forms are available below.

Does CJTC have a walk-up counter or allow walk-ins?
If you would like to speak to someone in-person about your firearms certificate application, you must reach out via email and make an appointment with us. We have limited office hours and appointments are required for in-person assistance.

I hired an employee who has a Firearms Certificate with another company do I have to pay the full application packet fee of $100?

No. If the employee is only working for your company and has no break in service from the other company, you can complete and send in an Add/Change Form (Form 721) along with a copy of their most recent firearm qualification(s) and we can transfer the existing Firearms Certificate to your company. There is no fee for adding or changing an existing record.

Yes. If the employee left the other company years ago, and then came to work for you or they are currently working for more than one company, you will be required to send in a full application packet and pay the fee.

Do I send my fingerprint information to the WSCJTC?

No. Do not send any fingerprint information to the WSCJTC. Fingerprinting is processed by the Department of Licensing (DOL), please visit this website for more information.

What am I supposed to do to renew my (or my employees) armed license each year?

You will need to contact the DOL directly for information about renewing your armed license.

What am I supposed to do to renew my (or my employees) Firearms Certificate each year?

Once you obtain your initial Armed Certificate you do not need to send us any notification unless you need to add or change a firearm to an existing Firearms Certificate record. To renew, you need to contact a PS Certified Firearms Instructor from the list below and set up a date and time to have your employee take the 4 hour renewal course. Once your employee completes it, the instructor sends us a roster of who attended. Your agency keeps the paperwork and test scores, do not send anything to the WSCJTC for renewals. New armed certificates are NOT issued for Renewals.

My company address and contact details have changed, how do I notify the WSCJTC of the change?

Complete the Agency Update on the 721 Form listed below. A 721 form is sent in for you and every employee to update the active Firearms Certificates on file. There is no fee for an agency update.


Applications & Forms

*New* Effective August 1, 2018 – The new application forms listed below will be the only forms accepted for Firearms Certificates. If outdated forms are received agencies will be notified that application packet materials are not accepted and will not be processed.

Initial Firearms Certificate Application Packet

Form 726 Firearms Certificate Application Packet (contains all the forms you need to mail in with the fee except the written test)

Agency Transfer Packet
Form 721A Agency Transfer Packet (contains all the forms you need to fill out and email to us)

Add/Change Firearm(s) Packet
Form 721B Add/Change Firearm(s) Packet (contains all the forms you need to fill out and email to us)

Agency Address Change Form
Form 721C Agency Address Change (only this form is needed)

Employee Profile Change Form
Form 721D Employee Profile Change (only this form is needed)

For individual forms or if you would like to download forms to Microsoft Word, please click here


Tests - Study Guide - Instructor Directory - Roster

Shotgun Qualification Test Form 728

Form 728 Shotgun Test

Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Info Form 720A

Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Form

Handgun Qualification Test Form 729

Form 729 Handgun Test

Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Request Form 720

Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Form

Rifle Qualification Test Form 730A

Form 730A Rifle Test

WSCJTC PS Certified Firearms Instructor Directory:

Instructor Directory 06/20/2018

Rifle Qualification Test Form 730

Form 730 Rifle Test

Class Roster Form 727 to be used by Instructors for Firearms Certificate Training
Form 727 Instructor Roster

Please note:
CJTC will no longer be providing the Form 731 Written Test before your 4 hour or 8 hour certification.
The test will only be available through your instructor.
You may find a blank answer sheet here.

Still have questions? Please contact

Alex Buijs |Administrative Assistant |Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How to become Private Security Firearms Instructors? Click here


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