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Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Categories of Training

Sponsored(S The WSCJTC develops and controls the curriculum for these courses, provides certified instructors, and is responsible for all logistical arrangements (including the training site and course materials). Course attendance will appear on the student’s WSCJTC training record. Registration is completed by the WSCJTC Registrars’ Office.

WSCJTC Hosted (H) These courses are conducted in agreement with established training partners (for example: FBI, FLETC, WACO, LEIRA). The WSCJTC provides some form of logistical support (such as providing the training site/classrooms and/or printing course materials), but is not responsible for the curriculum or instructors. Registration may be completed by either the WSCJTC Registrars’ Office or the outside entity (check the course description for registration instructions). Course attendance will only appear on the student’s WSCJTC training record when registration is processed by the WSCJTC.

Curriculum (C) The WSCJTC is in the process of developing and collecting curricula to make available to agencies so they can conduct their own trainings. The hosting agency will be responsible for all course preparation and arrangements including instructors, location, materials, and registration. Registration is completed by the hosting agency and course attendance will not appear on the student’s WSCJTC training record.

Non-sponsored (NS) These courses are conducted by an outside entity. The WSCJTC does not provide curriculum, instructors, logistical support, or registration. They are listed as a service for our clients and the content of the course, as well as any recommendations or opinions presented, are the sole responsibility of the individual presenters or organization presenting the training. Course attendance will not appear on the student’s WSCJTC training record. Registration is completed by the outside entity.

Recognized Training (R) This category is being discontinued, but some courses may still be identified this way until a complete transition has been made. This referred to courses in the past which were “offered by another organization or group and the developing/sponsoring entity has asked the WSCJTC to partner on the delivery of the course. The partnership may have included, but was not limited to, registration, agency facilities and financial support.”

Please note that WSCJTC does not endorse or recommend any particular training provider(s).