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Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) Forms


Entry Level Registration Packet
A complete BLEA registration consists of all forms listed below:

BLEA Application form CJTC 1250 (Word)
Statement of Fitness form CJTC 1251 (Word)
Criminal Records Check form CJTC 1252  (Word)
Liability Release form CJTC 1253  (Word)
Student Master Record Input form CJTC 1254 (Word)
Notice of Officer Hire CJTC 1903 (Word)
Notice of Termination CJTC 1902 (Word)



Equivalency Registration Packet
A complete Equivalency registration consists of all forms listed below:

Equivalency Application Form 1260 (Word)
Criminal Records Check (Word )
Medical Evaluation (Word)
Basic Handgun Proficiency Course (Word )
Liability Release ( Word)
Notice of Officer Hire CJTC 1903 (Word )
Notice of Termination CJTC 1902 (Word)



Additional Equivalency Forms:

WSCJTC Equivalency Reciprocity Summary

Course Schedule


Grading Breakdown

Equivalency FAQ



To Register or for Questions:

Contact BLEA Registrar
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