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24-Hour In-Service Audit


Frequently Asked Questions



2013 Audit Declaration Form


If you have questions please contact Leanna Bidinger at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


When did WAC 139-05-300 go into effect?

Effective January 1, 2006 ever peace officer certified under RCW 43.101.095 is required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of In-Service training annually.

What Training courses will be eligible for In-Service credit?

All sponsored and recognized courses offered by the WSCJTC - Training provided in Washington State by federal partners, i.e., FBI, FLETC, IACP, as well as WASPC’s training day. Agency training on Defensive Tactics, Blood borne Pathogens, EVOC, Firearms, First Aid etc. - Training which currently meets the core and elective requirements for Career Level Certification.

What training is not eligible for in-service credit?

Training on agency policy and equipment purchases will not be eligible for in-service credits.

Who is required to maintain records of In-Service training?

All records for training required for WAC 139-05-300 must be maintained by the employing agency and be available for review upon request by an authorized commission representative.

How should I document our training?

We have created a training record template to assist you. This document can be modified to suit your needs. Download the template here.

Is my new officer required to have 24 hours of In-service training?

No, if your officer graduated from BLEA in the calendar year you are auditing then they do not have to have the additional 24 hours of in-service until the next calendar year.

I have a new officer that came from out of state. They went through the Equivalency Academy this year and they are doing an in-house FTO program at our agency. Do they have to have an additional 24 hours of training to meet this mandate?

No, if they went through the Equivalency Academy during the calendar year that you are auditing then they do not need an additional 24 hours to meet the mandate.


Does the 24 hours have to be CJTC training classes?

No, the 24 hours can be any or a compilation of CJTC, vendor, or agency developed training as long as it is legitimate training (not agency specific training) and you have a completion certificate and/or documentation on file.


Can we count our first aid and firearms training to meet the mandate?

Yes, the general rule is that as long as the training is not agency specific and the knowledge gained by the training can be transferred /useful throughout the officer’s career then it counts towards the 24 hour mandate.

Our agency is implementing a new internal computer program to track leave usage and schedules and all employees are required to attend this training, can we count that in our 24 hours?

No, this type of training is considered agency specific. The knowledge gained by this training would not be use