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Side-Handle Baton/PR-24 Instructor # 2072

Side-Handle Baton Instructor is a 24-Hour class is designed to promote safe and efficacious use of the PR-24/ side-handle baton. The participant will learn and understand the situations that allow for the use of the PR-24/ side-handle baton, the components of PR-24/ side-handle baton use including psychomotor skills involved in PR-24/ side-handle baton application, proper means of instruction and testing, and theoretical background in order to develop agency specific programs. Additionally the Participant will be aware of the probable medical implications associated with these techniques and review the physiology of a confrontation, biomechanical principles of PR-24/ side-handle baton tactics and how they relate to instruction and force-systems implementation. (This information is now included in the Impact Weapons Instructor course - 2073)

The areas specifically covered are:

• Baton Nomenclature
• Baton Physics
• General Guidelines for use of PR-24/ side-handle baton
• PR-24/ side-handle baton Principles
• Warm-up and Strengthening Exercises
• PR-24/ side-handle baton Techniques
• Expandable PR-24/ side-handle baton techniques
• PR-24/ side-handle baton riot techniques
• Conduct of safe and effective training.
• Open and Closed testing of PR-24/side-handle baton skills

This course has a prerequisite of Defensive Tactics Instructor courses 2076.
As a result of the physical nature of the class, participants are required to pass and physical ability entrance test consisting of:

  • Students will need to pass a physical ability test. The requirements have changed, please click here for the new requirements.
    • 30 6-count Burpees in 3 minutes or less

Prerequisite: 2076

Recertification course 2172, should be attended within 3 years of last certification.

Dress Code & Identification:

  • Uniforms, agency logo clothing or business casual attire is appropriate for classroom wear.