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How to submit training requests for the WSCJTC website:

The WSCJTC will only post classes at the request of our user agencies. If you are vendor working with a user agency, have them submit the posting through their Regional Training Manager (RTM).

Is your class posted on your own website? If the answer is yes…
If your agency or organization has a website where this class is posted, please send the link to the RTM. Do not copy and paste all of your website information about the class into an email. Your course name and website link will be posted on the WSCJTC website. Make sure your class has been posted on your own site before contacting the RTM.

I don’t have a website, what next? What format should it be in? How should I send it?
If your agency or organization does not have a website, please create a one-page flyer in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format (Microsoft Publisher, WordPerfect, PageMaker or other formats cannot be used) and email the document as an attachment to the RTM. If you have separate flyers, application forms or different documents containing descriptions for one class, you must combine them into a single file before sending it to us. Multiple documents for one class will not be accepted. Do not copy and paste the contents of the flyer into an email, simply send your flyer as an email attachment. Do not fax hard copies of your flyer, we cannot post these.

What information should be in my one page flyer? Who do I send it to?
We need basic information. Please be sure your flyer contains the following information. If it does not, you will be required to edit the flyer and resend it to us in its final format.

Course title
Date(s) and time
Location & directions if any
Description & equipment requirements if any
Contact person for registration or questions
Prerequisites/Minimum student requirements

Send your completed flyer to your RTM. They will review it and then request that it be posted to the WSCJTC website. Do not send your course information directly to the WSCJTC Webmaster.