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I heard WSCJTC is using online registration now, how do I sign up?

Contact your agency's training unit to get registered for classes at the CJTC.

Additional WSCJTC LMS Online Registration Information

ATD Registration Fax: 206-835-7926 or Email a PDF / WORD form: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I faxed or emailed my application to WSCJTC, how do I know it was received?

When applications are processed the registration system (WSCJTC LMS) is designed to send our ‘application received’ emails. If you faxed or emailed your application, please give 24 hours for processing.


What is required on a paper application that is either faxed or emailed to WSCJTC?

  • All applications must have an authorizing signature
  • All applications must have student and authorizing signature’s email address
  • Certified Peace Officers’ agency on the application must match WSCJTC records
    o Additional Peace Officer Certification Information

Why do applications need to have approving signatures?


The WSCJTC cannot assume a person is approved for a course when an application comes in without an approving signature.

My application was received, but I have not heard word about my status for a class?

Notification of acceptance, alternate, or denial status is sent via e-mail approximately four (4) weeks prior to the class.  Emails will be sent to the student, training officer and one additional contact (if provided during the registration process).

Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have questions about the status of your application.

I have an acceptance letter that states it must be brought to the first day of class; do I really need to bring it?

Yes, please follow all pre-course instructions that were sent to you including pre-course assignments and materials needed to class. If you have any specific questions about pre-course work, please check the course page or contact the course registration administrative assistant or program manager.

If I cancel someone, can I add someone else in their place?

Substitutions are not allowed. All applications are entered on a first come, first serve basis. For classes with alternates, alternates will be used to fill cancellations.

What is “mandated” training?


“Mandated” training is training required by Washington WAC or RCW.   Mandated courses offered at the WSCJTC have the corresponding WAC or RCW posted on its course page. If you have questions about mandated training, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we will forward your questions to the correct program manager.

Our agency is over 40 miles from the WSCJTC, are lodging and meals provided?

Lodging is provided for the following advanced training courses:

  • First Level Supervision
  • Middle Management

The registrars will email all live-ins prior to the start of the course to make sure they will be utilizing the lodging and meals provided. The WSCJTC does not reimburse agencies or students who choose to stay at a hotel or go off-site for meals. All of the mandated courses held at off-site locations are eligible for lodging and meal reimbursement using the reimbursement form provided by the instructors, and/or program manager, at the time of the course.

My agency needs proof I attended a training class.

Official transcripts can be requested by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please include:

  • Name (First, Last and Maiden Name, if necessary)
  • Agency
  • Fax, Email or mailing address to send the transcript
  • Note: Including the Student ID if available, helps assist in identifying records. DO NOT send full SSN via email. If we have questions, we will contact the requestor

Unofficial transcripts are available to training officers through WSCJTC LMS online registration.

How much does advanced training cost? How will I or my agency pay?

Every WSCJTC course has the course fees listed on the course’s training page.




Most, but not all, courses are invoiced to the agencies after the class is complete.   Check on each course page for details.

For non-WSCJTC course, please contact the hosting agency for billing and payment information.

What are the fees for No Shows or Late Cancellations?

The exact fees, per course, may vary. Check the course page for the fees and policies for that class.

For online registration, cancellations can be online two weeks prior to class. After that, you must contact the listed registration administrative assistant or program manager for cancellations. The cancellation deadline for all classes is seven (7) days before the first day of class.


Can I get college credit for attending BLEA or Advanced Training classes?

Yes, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the process which awards credit for learning that has taken place away from the college classroom. WSCJTC in conjunction with Highline Community College (HCC) has formed an alliance to give those that have finished BLEA 20 college credits under the Prior Learning Assessment Program (PLA).


You can ask any college to do a prior learning assessment and read College Credit for Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) - Prior Learning Assessment and Prior Learning Assessment - Highline College Information.



Rev. 10/2017