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BLEA & COA Curricula, Newest to Oldest:
* Basic Law Enforcement Academy Syllabus (July  2010-Current) for the 720 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 10-26-10)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Syllabus (September 2009-Current) for the 720 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 9-3-09)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Syllabus (October 2008-August 2009) for the 720 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 6-22-09)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Syllabus  (2007-September 2008) for the 720 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 3-13-07)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Syllabus (1996-2006) for the 720 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 3-9-05)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Syllabus for the 440 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 1-28-10)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy Syllabus for the 80 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format) (Updated: 11-25-05)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Reserve Syllabus (2001-2007) for the 220 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Reserve Syllabus (2008) for the 222 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format)

 * Basic Law Enforcement Academy Reserve Syllabus (2009) for the 232 hour academy
     (Download now in PDF format)

 * Corrections Academy Syllabus for the 160 hour academy (Download now in PDF format)  (Updated: 4-10-07)

 * DOC Law Enforcement Partnership Academy Syllabus for the 368 hour academy (Download now in PDF format)
(Updated: 2004)

Frequently Asked Questions about Records Requests

How do I obtain a copy of someone's training record?

WSCJTC training records are public records available to anyone. No waiver is required. Email, mail or fax us a request for your - or anyone's - WSCJTC transcript. State law requires that requests be in writing, see WAC 139.02.040.

No particular form is required; just provide the full name of the person whose transcript you want. If the name is a common one (we have records on 638 Smith's and 110 Olson's) please include the last four digits of the Social Security Number. Provide female graduates' maiden and married names. Do not include birth dates.

Please send all record requests or questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or FAX 206-835-7313.


How do I obtain copies of other records or curricular material?

Email, mail or fax a request specifying the record you want and how to contact you.

We do not provide replacement diplomas; our transcript certifies course completion.

Curricular material from courses taught more than three years ago has probably been destroyed in compliance with record retention rules.

We can provide a letter detailing current peace officer certification status of BLEA and Equivalency Course graduates. We certify no other graduates.

We can provide the detailed syllabus for any version of BLEA, and the current versions of COA and Equivalency.

We do not maintain Standardized Field Sobriety Testing curricular material. Request that from its owner: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. or

Student files from BLEA and COA are destroyed six years after graduation or termination from the academy.

Your WSCJTC transcript includes all WSCJTC-sponsored courses and those for which we handled registration. Training completed elsewhere will not be on the transcript.


What is on my training record?

Your WSCJTC transcript lists all WSCJTC-sponsored courses completed and the contact hours. Training completed elsewhere, and WSCJTC courses attempted but not completed, are not listed.


Is my Social Security Number on my training record?

No, transcripts do not reflect SSAN, address, phone number, or current employer.

How long does it take to obtain training records?

Public Records Officers have 5 business days to respond. Transcripts are provided at no expense, often within 24 hours of receiving the request. Records we have in electronic form are provided in electronic form at no cost, usually a mailed CD or thumb-drive. If you request a record we have only on paper, we respond with a page count and ask you to pay 15 cents per page for photocopying or to come to campus to inspect the record for free.


Can I request records by email?

Yes, that is the preferred method. Your email - if it specifies a record in sufficient detail for us to know what you want - IS a Public Disclosure Request, no particular form or format is required. A transcript is sent by REPLY as an Adobe Acrobat attachment.

I have applied to a college that suggests I can get college credit for WSCJTC courses completed.

Colleges often allow credit for some lessons in BLEA or COA. Whether to offer credit, and how much, is entirely at the college's discretion. We will mail, fax, or email a transcript and BLEA or COA syllabus directly to a college at no expense, if you provide the address.


All downloadable items here are available in Acrobat PDF format. If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, please