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BAC & Refresher Operator Courses (WSP) Washington State Patrol

The Basic class is 16 hours in length. Upon successful completion, participants will be able to: Meet the operator certification standards established by the State Toxicologist; Identify legal applications for BAC Verifier results; Identify relevant state and federal laws and supreme court decisions that impact admissibility and use of BAC Verifier results; Demonstrate proper operation of the BAC Verifier to accurately measure and document blood alcohol concentration. 

These classes will be presented by the Washington State Patrol for all police personnel in King County whose departments DO NOT have a BAC Instructor. The classes will require a minimum of 5 and not more than 15 students each. Students must register at least 24 hours prior to the class.


The Refresher class is 4 hours in length. The purpose of the course is to review the proper operation of the Datamaster breath test machine and review current rulings from the courts. Applicant must have a current and valid BAC Datamaster Operator Card from the Office of the State Toxicologist.

Prerequisite: For the basic course: current employment as a Law Enforcement officer. For those taking the refresher course, your certification must be nearing expiration.

Cost: None

To Register: BAC schedules offered statewide are listed below. Please contact the BAC technician listed within your area’s schedule for registration.


Choose a schedule by area. Unless otherwise noted, they include both the Basic & Refresher Courses.