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Leadership in Police Organizations, Course # 4222

The purpose of the mid management level "Leadership in Police Organizations" is to provide a method for police leaders to:
  • Understand and apply modern behavioral science and leadership theories that enhance human motivation, satisfaction, and performance in the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Learn frameworks to organize knowledge and experience into effective leader actions.
  • Integrate course content into daily leadership practices.
  • Develop and achieve personal leadership to the fullest potential.
  • Inspire a lifelong commitment to the study and practice of effective leadership.


Area I: The Individual System

  1. Individual Differences
  2. Attribution Theory
  3. Expectancy Theory of Motivation, Goal Setting Theory
  4. Equity Theory
  5. Motivation through Consequences
  6. Motivation through Job Redesign and Cognitive Evaluation
  7. Effective Followership
  8. Integration I      

Area II: The Group System

  1. Groups as Open Systems
  2. Group Development
  3. Socialization
  4. Cohesion
  5. Decision-Making in Groups
  6. Inter-group Conflict
  7. Integration II

Area III: The Leadership System

  1. Leadership as a Social Exchange
  2. Vertical Dyad Linkage Theory
  3. Situational Leadership
  4. Transformational Leadership
  5. Stress Management
  6. Communications and Counseling Skills
  7. Integration III
  8. Assessing Your Leadership

Area IV: The Organizational System

  1. Organization as an Open System
  2. Leading the Environment
  3. Shaping Organizational Culture
  4. Leading Change
  5. Ethical Dimension of Leadership
  6. Integration IV
  7. Putting It All Together
  8. Practice of Leadership



 Equipment Needs:
  • Laptop suggested. 
  • Pre-Course work will be provided by the Port of Seattle PD prior to class.
  • $1100 Per Person payable to the WSCJTC
  • Due in full on Orientation Day
  • Unfortunately, the WSCJTC does not accept electronic payments at this time.
  • Orientation:  0800-1300
  • Weekly Schedule:  0800-1700
  • Dates: Vary, Check session listing  


Additional Documentation:


LPO Invitation,  LPO Information 2013,  LPO - Police Chief Article   


  • This course is limited to mid-managers and requires the completion of First Level Supervision, #4125 or #4127. 
Dress Code & Identification:
  • Uniforms, agency logo clothing or business casual attire is appropriate for classroom wear.
  • Visible Agency official ID is recommended (badges/agency IDs) while on campus. 
Cancellation / No Show: 

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This is not a waiting list.  You will not be contacted by WSCJTC unless there is enough interest to generate a class being scheduled.  At that time we will contact everyone that has shown interest so that applications can be submitted.

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This class is also available for online registration.  Please contact your training officer. 

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Brandon Li, Registrar

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FAX: 206.835.7926

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Leanna Bidinger