Mandated by WAC 139-10-210.


Designed to provide training for adult probation officers.  All employees whose primary job function is the case management of offenders under county/city supervision, to include: assessment, case planning, counseling, supervision, and monitoring.


Per WAC 139-10-235, the MPCA is eighty (80) instructional hours in length and includes, but not limited to, the following subject matter areas:

Week One:
Academy Orientation
The Probation Professional
Professionalism & Ethics
The Criminal Justice System
Community & Personal Safety
Department of Licensing
Interstate Compact
Administrative Office of the Courts
Risk Assessment Tools
Managing Special Issue Caseloads
Specialty Courts
Motivational Interviewing & Models for Change
Human Change Model
Exam Journal

Week Two - Case Management:
Interviewing & cognitive Behavioral Change
Written Documentation & Report
File & Record Management
Pre-Sentence Investigations
Intakes - Risk, Responsivity, & Needs
Monitoring & Supervision
Courts Reporting Systems & Testifying - Judicial Information System & Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Licensing
Interstate Compact
Special Populations - Mental Health, Substance Abuse