Document Submittal Form - Deposition
(Perpetuation Depositions, signed Certificate and Deposition Exhibits ONLY)

Welcome to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals deposition uploading system.

Parties are required to submit depositions in electronic format as well as written format. Exhibits to the depositions should be filed electronically as a separate attachment. A legible hard copy must accompany the paper transcription of the deposition. WAC 263-12-117(4)

The electronic copy of the deposition must be submitted as a single, searchable PDF (Portable Document Format) and include a signed transcription certification page. Any deposition exhibits should be submitted as a single separate attachment. If you have any questions please call our contact at 360-753-6823.

Customary office hours: Documents received after 5 p.m. will be deemed filed the next business day. WAC 263-12-015(3) and WAC 263-12-01501(2)(d).

Attention:  You may only file documents associated with the docket number entered on this form. Additional documents submitted for appeals with a different docket number will not be accepted for filing and will be destroyed.
No need to mail a paper copy of the deposition until further notice.

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