Application for Claim Resolution Settlement Agreement

Welcome to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals electronic filing system. Parties who have negotiated a settlement agreement under the Washington Workers' Compensation Act (Chapter 51.04 RCW) must submit their signed settlement for approval by the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

The Board's electronic filing system is designed to simplify and speed the process of approving settlement agreements. The application sets forth the information necessary to timely process a request for approval. This is the ONLY method you may use to request approval of a settlement agreement. Applications received by any other method will not be considered.

Public disclosure: Effective June 12, 2014, all information related to Claim Resolution Settlement Agreements submitted to the BIIA under RCW 51.04.063, other than final orders from the BIIA, is exempt from public inspection and copying under the Public Records Act. RCW 42.56.230

Customary office hours: Documents received after 5 p.m. will be deemed filed the next business day. WAC 263-12-015(3) and WAC 263-12-01501.

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(3) Unless you see "Your settlement agreement approval form has been submitted" your electronic application has NOT been received by the BIIA.

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By clicking 'PROCESS' I acknowledge the records I am submitting become a public record and are subject to public disclosure under Chapter 42.56 RCW. I certify that I have removed all personally identifying information that I want to keep private or confidential (for example, social security number, bank, credit card, and other financial information defined by RCW 9.35.005).