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The Washington State Legislature passed the Keep Washington Working Act (KWW), Laws of 2019 ch. 440, E2SB 5497 during the 2019 Legislative Session.

KWW made numerous changes to state law for the stated purpose of "ensuring the state of Washington remains a place where the rights and dignity of all residents are maintained and protected in order to keep Washington working."

KWW required that the Attorney General publish model policies, guidance, and training recommendations based on these new limits, and those were published on May 21, 2020 here: https://www.atg.wa.gov/publications.

In addition, RCWs 43.10.310 and .315 require that all state and local law enforcement agencies; public schools; health facilities operated by the state or political subdivision of the state; shelters and courthouses must either: (1) Adopt policies consistent with the AGO’s guidance; or (2) Notify the Attorney General that the agency is not adopting the AGO’s guidance and model policies, state the reasons that the agency is not adopting the model policies and guidance, and provide the attorney general with a copy of the agency's policies to ensure compliance with chapter 440, Laws of 2019.

Pursuant to that direction, this web form is to help streamline those policy submissions. In the interest of transparency, the AGO will post all final policies that were submitted as part of RCW 43.10.315 (2) and RCW 43.10.310 (2). Should you have questions, please reach out to KWW@atg.wa.gov.
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